Monday, 15 January 2018

Battle for Aquitane 1178.

Last night we had a most interesting and colourful encounter between Normans and Crusader-types,ie "elasticating" time! but very enjoyable nevertheless.

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is the table before any movement-Dave and Graham were in charge of the Normans,whilst Brian and Paul commanded the "Crusaders".
Despite the two heaters going full blast,the "snowy terrain" etc. gives an impression of cold!!

The Normans are moving quickly and aggressively against Brian's flank,whilst Graham is taking his time against Paul,who is cunningly moving troops around and through the village,hoping to get Graham in the flank!

Graham is hoping(in vain!) that a unit of crossbowmen will stop the heavy infantry moving through the village,meanwhile on Dave vs Brian's flank.............................

A mass melee is taking place,with neither side giving or asking quarter!-in this game a record 19 officers were killed!(well that's what you get for fighting in the front line!!!
In the background you can see the infantry approaching one another-this is going to be interesting.

It was!!-Brian has added some Knights into the calculation(just to spice things up a bit!) and the melee swayed back and forth for some time-great stuff!
On the far flank,Graham and Paul are still not in contact,but it won't be long!!!

Paul is still hanging back until his "village people" are in a position to affect the flank-you can just see the infantry approaching the flank,and being followed by two units of cavalry.

Who could ask for more action on a wargames table???
Paul and Graham have eventually clashed and Graham is being beaten,however his infantry is pushing Paul's infantry back,but Dave is saving the day by advancing his infantry against Brian's Cavalry-I'm worn out!!!!
Brian's flank eventually collapsed,and Dave was victorious,but Graham 's flank was about to collapse too!!wonderful wargaming,but who would be crowned the Victor??

A last ditch attempt by Brian to save his flank was thwarted by a combination of cavalry and light infantry,and that was the end of the game!-The Crusader's objective wasn't achieved,but they had given the Normans a right old "bloody nose"-great game and well played lads-roll on next Sunday,very likely Mongols vs Russians.


  1. Lovely looking game John. Brian seems to have the same amount of luck as me.

    1. Robbie-man that was quick,have you nothing better to do than read blogs????
      Thanks for comment,

  2. Cracking game...I do like a snowy table (but not real snow, ghastly stuff).

    1. Hi Mike-don't like snow???-it's wonderful,especially on Xmas cards!!
      I,too,like the snowy effect,and because I'm getting lazy in my old age(three score years and ten this year!) it will feature in the next few games.