Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Bunker!

If you had some spare time on a snowy afternoon,why wouldn't you make a Bunker for a period you had no real interest in??
Well,last year I bought a car emergency/safety/flashing "thingy" with 7 different settings: Last night whilst "fannying about" in the garage I had a thought that one of the settings could easily simulate machine gun fire for our WW2 games-and so a project was born!!!

This is the "thingy" caught in mid flash-it circulates the whole thing and is very effective,now onto the Bunker making.

I decided on the size of the Bunker(120mm square and 60mm high-ignore the roof measurements they are rubbish!),marked the sides out on some white foam board,and then cut them carefully with a stanley knife.

The larger apertures,I thought, would do for anti-tank guns and the smaller ones for machine guns.

Having had difficulty before trying to paint foam-board,I decided to cover the bunker with some Doll's house brick wallpaper-and to my surprise,the piece I had fitted the pieces of the bunker and the roof exactly!!

Exact fit(pure luck!)

I then laid the pieces onto the back of the paper,drew around the shapes,ready to carefully,with a stanley knife, cut out the apertures.-once that was done I had to stick the paper onto the pieces.

Using PVA glue the job was done in no time,and set really quickly.

I then made a base board out of some old hardboard that was lying about the garage,using internal measurements,by which time the glue had set and I was ready to try the "first fitting" of the pieces.

As you can see I used UHU glue to stick the pieces,and it worked a treat. A bit of "adjustment was necessary,but I had allowed a bit of overlap on the wallpaper,so not too much of a drama!

Pop the roof on,and the job is nearly done.

Finished article,with all bare bits covered with wallpaper-doesn't look too bad to me!

Bunker in action,lit up by the "thingy" oh,bugger,bugger,bugger,I've just realised that the bloody thing hasn't got a door!!!!!!-well,I'm not tearing it apart to cut a doorway-we'll just have to use our imagination!


  1. Always thinking of the welfare of others, a real gentleman gamer!

    Surely the bunker has a hidden underground tunnel exit to reduce the odds of some Tommy kicking open the door and lobbing grenade in?

    1. Hi Ross Mac.good thinking-of course it has an underground access tunnel-why didn't I think of that?

  2. Brilliant John, clearly the cough medicine is working.

    1. Robbie,by medicine I take it that you mean the RUM!!!
      Thanks for comment,