Monday, 8 January 2018

"Bull Dog Beach" 1944.WW2

As you all know,WW2 is not my "thing",but I decided that I would devise a different scenario for the lads,and then step back and let them play the game,whilst I acted as an "observer".

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is the table before any movement/troops-note the very expensive landing craft(actually Tesco Mushroom cartons!!)
It was a pity really that I had thought of this terrain,as most of the game was played in the 1/3rd of the table opposite hill "A"-in fact the town(Saint Marie sur Mer) was never fought over!!!

The British commanders,Paul and Brian,had decided to land all their troops on the left hand side of the "bay",and to do a left hook,taking out the pill box and hill"A",then sweep around to take hill "B" and eventually the Town-this photo shows the first wave of infantry and tanks landing,but under fire from the pill box,commanded by Graham.

The pill box firing on the landing craft(no expense spared-polystyrene and a bit of doweling!)
but can he hit anything????

Oh yes!!-a whole British platooon was lost with this shot!

The second wave has landed,and the British are moving cautiously through the woods against their first objective.

Action! and a tremendously lucky shot from one of Paul's tanks has knocked out the pill box!
Dave and Graham,the co-German commanders were unphased however,and stuck to their defensive plan.

Dave has now exposed his "hidden" Tiger(crouching Dragon?),but it must have been manned by Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles-yes,he missed a couple of sitting ducks,much to Paul's amusement and relief!-however the action is now coming thick and fast,and hill "A" is under serious pressure.

Oh look at their faces! as if things couldn't get any worse,a Typhoon appeared,swooping down the board about to target the Tiger!!

However,it missed the Tiger,but redeemed itself by "straffing" some infantry,causing multiple casualties!-Graham has now exposed his two hidden tanks,and is giving Paul a good fight for the hill.

Graham's counter attack was good,but not good enough,and hill "A" was taken,however Dave still had his Tiger and some infantry left on the board,and St Marie sur Mer was still in German hands(Hans!),so I think a draw was the fairest result!(hoy! you're supposed to be an observer!!)

A final shot of the table,with tanks galore burning niceley!!
Roll on next Sunday-no idea yet of what we will be playing-and we will have to give some thought to what we are putting on at Falkirk in May-busy,busy,busy!!


  1. Great game. Like you, I've never been into WW2 until watching Pacific and reading the memoirs it's based on.... that really floated my boat (mushroom tray) for some reason. Perhaps because it is a more limited and unusual theatre of war? Not sure but it has got me buying Osprey books about the Japanese army and American marines left right and centre.

    1. Hi Mike,(and a happy new year) I find that it is just too complicated for my old brain to take in,what with different types of tanks,HMG Piats,mortars etc. etc.-just too much!
      however i don't mind watching and listening to the rest of the lads-they have so much knowledge,and are really into it-horses for courses and all that.