Monday, 22 January 2018

Battle of Leignitz 1241.

We re-fought this battle involving Mongols and an alliance of Polish/Teutonics/Lithuanians,last night,and I think it gave the "lads" something to ponder on!!!!

The scenario.Paul and I were the Mongol commanders,whilst Dave and Graham were in charge(?) of the Alliance troops.

For the first two moves the Alliance knights trundled forward,being shot at by the Vanguard archers,as well as being peppered on the flanks by light archers!!-very dis-concerting for the Alliance commanders-then!!!! the first of the Mongol "dirty tricks"-a smoke screen was raised on both flanks,preventing the Alliance second line from moving forward!-The Teutonic knights were in full melee with the Mongol second line,and were being "chewed up"-hurrah!!

Despite some minor successes,the Alliance front line is being driven back,through the smoke,into the second line,disrupting it and preventing any movement,meanwhile the Mongol horse archers are still "peppering" the flanks,and sending the allied infantry running for their lives!!-great stuff(if you're Mongol!)

This shot is taken from behind the Alliance lines,showing the chaos that the smoke and archers are causing,as well as the fleeing Teutonic knights!!

This is Dave's left flank,showing his infantry under considerable pressure,his Teutonics are about to crash through Graham's second line of knights-Graham was not a "happy bunny!"

The mongol "medium" lance armed cavalry are reforming,ready to attack the flanks of the Alliance second line,as the Mongol Heavy cavalry advance to take advantage of the chaos in front of them!-basically, correct Mongol tactics on the day!!

As the heavies clash into the second line Alliance troops,the earlier casualties caused by the horse archers are effecting their ability to fight on equal terms,and all melees were lost-hurrah again!
With the encircling tactic coming into play,the Alliance commanders held their hands up and admitted defeat-all historically correct,and a good re-fight-well done to us all.
It was clear that,if we are to embrace this new period,we must all do some research into period types and tactics,weapon capabilities etc. etc. and I'm sure we will.
Roll on next Sunday.


  1. The knights have no chance. The Mongols superior discipline should make it very difficult to win. An interesting battle to fight though and one very few wargamers will have tackled well done John. Again.

    1. Robbie,speed and power,you can't beat it!! I think the "boys" were in a state of shock after the game,but in a set-piece battle I'll give the knights a fighting chance,or no-one will want to fight them.Will we see you at York?