Friday, 5 January 2018

Club Painting and Project update.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I ordered some Mamluks and Saracens from Warrior Miniatures,and they duly arrived a couple of days later,however because of a "spot of bother" with my eyes,I was unable to start to paint them-but now that my eyes are ok,I'm off and running!!!!

First two units of Mamluks(c/w Kite shields)-very "bonny"-they will soon be followed by two units of Saracen Heavy cavalry and two units of Horse Archers-look out you Crusaders!

First of the Saracen heavies,note the black standards,made,of course, from wine bottle foil(this hobby is killing me!)
Brian is contemplating going into American Civil War in a big way,and is still considering whether to go 28mm or 15mm-he will,no doubt, tell us his decision asap.
Paul is painting WW2 tanks like they are going out of fashion-his latest additions to his growing collection look great(see Sundays game)
Dave is collecting Russian WW2 tanks and infantry at a fair rate of knots,and they should be on the board in a couple of weeks(if not earlier!)
Graham is also painting at a formidable rate,Napoleonics (every nation you can think of!)
Hopefully I can get Photographs within the next few weeks of all these projects.

On Wednesday I received a DVD,which I only ordered on Monday(!!) of a 1938 film by S.Einstein, called Alexander Nevsky-which is about the battle of Lake Peipus,1242,featuring the German Teutonic Knights against the Russians.The film is full of symbolism and National fervour,and the battle scene lasts for "two cups of coffee!"-great stuff!!

The film is in Russian with English sub-titles,but it's like listening to a speech by "Yoda",with phrases like "coming are the Germans,fight them we must!" but very entertaining,and worth the £6 paid-recommended!

A week before Christmas our local Dobbies Garden Centre had a 50% sale on,and I bought two packs of "wintery trees"(to add to the pack I bought two years ago) with 21 trees in each pack,and only costing £6.49 each,we now have enough trees(snow covered) to stage some awesome winter battles(Russian WW2 springs to mind)


Some of you may remember that a few weeks ago I made some Medieval Towers from old tins,painted them white,and was going to use them with my existing white-painted Castle,if I could get some "textured polyfilla" to coat them with.However,I can't get the stuff,so I decided to recover the tins with Doll's House Stone effect paper,and make them into stone towers,c/w a wooden tray(covered in the same paper) to act as a castle worthy of being attacked by Crusaders,Romans,Greeks etc. etc......................

The very same towers,covered and ready to be assaulted!

The "Tray Castle"-crude but effective,watch out for this in future games.
It's great being retired,you know-time to do the things that really matter!!!


  1. Iain Dickie in Wargaming on a Budget had this good cheap tip using textured anaglypta wallpaper as stone effect paper on castles and forts and stone walls.

    1. HI MIN Manoftin(!!!) good to hear from you-I knew Ian Dickie,a good bloke and full of good tips from the "good old days"

  2. I got some good buys in my local Dobbies sale this years ago. A few years ago I got loads of trees at an excellent price. Still serving well.

    1. Cheers Tradgardmastare,Is Dobbies going out of business,do you think?- I know Tesco dumped them,and when I went there were empty shelves all around the shop,which is not good for a retail outlet!

  3. Busy, busy busy. I never thought to check out Dobbies. Once again beaten to the punch.

    1. Robbie,winter trees just might feature in our next game!!Happy new year to you and your "crew"
      As for busy,busy busy-it's harder to hit a moving target!!