Monday, 5 March 2018

El Cid,Bairen 1097(again!)

Last night we had another 100% turnout,to go through the game we are putting on at Carronade in May,but this time I put all of the figures we have,plus some "ephemera" onto the table.(look out for the "new" ships c/w archers!)

Brian and Graham discussing tactics before the game starts-and look at the new ships c/w archers!

A mean-looking square,front rank consisting of "Black Guard" being attacked by the Spanish.

All action!-we played the game out as a game,rather than a re-fight of the battle,and it worked out fine.We will play the game the same at Falkirk,but have yet to decide who will be commanding what-last night Dave and I commanded the Moors,whilst Paul,Graham and Brian commanded the Spanish.

A somewhat diminished Black Guard square!-having taken the brunt of the Spanish attack!
The next shot shows the tacky and squalid side of wargaming-that of "GLOATING"

Dave's arms are moving too fast for the camera as he "jigged" up and down in a sort of frenzied "dad dance" all because he killed Paul's CinC figure-such enthusiasm is welcomed but ,come on Dave, control it!!!!!-what will the Scots think if you do that sort of thing in May???

One last shot showing the sate of play at the end of our game-success to the Moors!(and history turned upside down!)

Dave brought a couple of his "master-pieces" to show us..........................

The first,which he kindly donated to me, is a Moorish command group-I might have to re-paint them black though-just kidding!!

The second is a Napoleonic,British,Royal Horse Artillery gun/limber/riders-just look at the detail!-Wake up Graham!!!!

Absolutely grand!!!
Roll on next Sunday-maybe,just maybe, a Napoleonic game,set in Spain.


  1. Truly special. Gotta love the Reconquista. As you may have gathered I'll not be joining you at Carronade, but will be in touch once I can figure out when I can join you on a Sunday evening. I'm still painting Romans! I simply can't get them done as quickly as you

    1. Hi Chris,Brian's not coming to Falkirk either,so we'll just have to drink both of your shares of beer!!-glad you liked the game,the theme will be that the game is just as we would have on an ordinary(???) games night-no special "buys" or terrain etc.-and we will be playing it as a game,as well as a demonstration.

  2. Another great looking game. I'm sure it will go down well at the show. Try doing a figure of Sophia Loren, to really set the scene.

    1. Hi Mike,I've got a spare "Roman Lady" figure,so might just try that-don't know about the "boobs" though!!-thanks for comment.