Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Solo Crusader Game.

One of the best things about being retired is having lots of spare time on your hands,so once the menial tasks of the day are done(shopping,cooking,washing up etc.etc.) you can get on with he important things in life-ie. Wargaming!!
Today I "played with myself in the garage"(as my wife likes to call solo wargaming!) pitting my new Saracens and Mamaluks against my Teutonic knights,using simple rules for movement and morale/melees-thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

I set an objective for the Saracens to out-flank both wings of the Crusaders-here the Sword Bretheren and Hospitallars are taking on the Mamaluks on the crusader right flank.

This is the crusader left flank-apart from some Saracen cavalry there are some horse archers hoping to surround the Crusaders-some cross bowmen on the battlements of the castle were hoping to dissuade them from doing so!!-the rest of the two forces are about to make contact!!

Having successfully completed a "feigned retreat"by the Saracens, my Crusaders have rushed after them,only to be subjected to an attack on their rear by the horse archers!!

Not wanting to lose both flanks,I called out my reserve cavalry(Templars) to bolster my right.

Just as well!!-my exposed unit is being attacked in front and flank-this is going to be tight!!
But then I spotted the Saracen CinC,and challenged him to a duel(was this going to be fool-hardy?

"Come over here if you think you're hard enough!"-I inflicted the first wound,then he inflicted two on me(it was the best of three) the final one being fatal!!!!-why am I surprised???

With my left flank being shot to pieces,I needed some good melee wins in the centre and right.

I am pushing the Saracens in the centre back,their morale broke and they fled-hurrah!!

On the right I am also winning-this looking good!

The chase begins!!-to be fair I did lose one flank,but my victory in the centre and right compensated for it,and I declared myself the winner(!!!)
Great stuff,very enjoyable-recommend it to anyone.


  1. John,
    Its good to see you playing with yourself John.

    1. Robbie!!when did you see me playing with myself?
      Read your latest blog-brilliant games,but why no photo's?