Monday, 7 May 2018

Battle of Bamburgh 1090AD

Last night we had a full turn-out for this fascinating game of two halves!!

This is the scenario and initial troop dispositions-Graham and Dave were the Saxon and Viking commanders whilst Brian and Paul were the Normans-all was set for a classic attack/defence game.

Top photo shows Graham's attack,by the Fyrd, against Paul's troops in the village,bottom shows Dave's attack on Brian's troops coming out of the castle-colourful stuff!

The Fyrd are in the village,but the Normans are fighting back!-in the background you can see Paul's reserves taking up their positions,awaiting the Huscarls advance-this was tense wargaming,at its best.

On the other flank,there was a tremendous tussle going on,first Dave was winning,then Brian was winning,each side reinforcing where necessary-what a game!!

Back at he village-it was "Hokey Cokey" wargaming(in,out,in,out,shake it all about!!!)
The Saxon Huscarls and Norman reserves are about to slug it out-Paul's magnificent defence was matched by Graham's tenacity.

This shot,taken from behind the village,shows the state of play towards the end of the game-although heavily out-numbered,the Normans are holding on-just!!!

Even with the intervention of the Cavalry,Brian's line is being broken up by successive Viking attacks,and is about to collapse-this could spell the end for Norman occupation in Northern Britain!!

Yes,despite Paul's defensive posture,it was all over-the village was in Saxon hands,and the castle was about to be entered by Viking hordes-a "cracking" game full of "nip and tuck" wargaming,good banter,very bad language and lots of wind!!(in the Viking sails of course!)
On Friday we start our annual invasion of Scottish hospitality,by putting on a game at Carronade(Falkirk)-we are all of an age when we don't really get excited about anything,but this three day trip gives us a chance to let our hair down(what hair??) have a good wargame in congenial company,meet new and existing friends,and encourage the general public to participate in our wonderful hobby-a full report will follow next Monday.


  1. John I may take the trip depending on how much beer I drink on the Friday night. I promised myself to check out Falkirk so here's hoping.

    1. Robbie,I know we take the p-ss sometimes,but it would be great to see you there-it's a grand show!