Monday, 28 May 2018

Msete's Kraal 1879.

Last night we fought this very interesting and fast-paced game involving British forces against the mighty Zulu army.

This is the scenario,Paul,Graham and Dave were the Zulu commanders,and Brian and I were the hapless British commanders!!
On the first move,Brian had to make a decision,as he was in charge of the relief column,either to keep going and rescue the soldier being held in the kraal,fall back to the relative safety of the camp,or occupy the hill on his left flank.............................

The decision was partly made for him,as his Sikali Horse and his NNC,took one look at the advancing Zulu horde and "bolted"-never to be seen again!!-so he retired back to the camp!!

Whilst Brian's troops are making their way back to the camp,shouting "sod you private Spottyface!", Dave is attacking the West face of the camp,and taking a right old "pasting" for his audacity-hurrah!!

Both companies,and the artillery are now joining in the fun-this is a walk in the park for the British(you just know what's coming don't you?)
In the background you can see that Graham's right horn is attacking the East face of the camp,and Brian is putting up a stout defence,but is coming under serious pressure from superior numbers!!

Oh dear!! and it's getting worse-Paul has decided,at last, to start moving the Chest in the direction of the South face of the camp!! -"why us?-'cos we're here lad,there's nobody else!!"

OMG! despite brave resistance,the Zulus have broken into the camp,and Paul's chest is attacking in earnest,the South face-Brian is fighting for his little leaden life,on the east face,but all is not lost-we can always sing a rousing chorus of "men of Harlech!!"-that'll teach them!!!!

Coffee time,and despite what I put in the drinks,things are still looking grim!!-Paul is even bringing up the Zulu reserve!!

"I wish to report a disastrous engagement with the enemy,who attacked in overwhelming numbers.........................."
This final shot shows it all!!
Well done lads another great game(if you were Zulu Commanders!) roll on next Sunday.

Aren't hedgehogs cute??


  1. Always enjoy Zulu War game plenty of opportunity for quoting the film. Haven't seen a hedgehog for a while.

    1. HI MIke,the're good if you can outrun/outshoot the zulu!!!
      We've got three hedgehogs which visit our garden every night cos I feed them!

  2. No they are not Cute they are full of Fleas!!!

    1. Brian,I used to deal with some people who are full of fleas!!