Monday, 21 May 2018

WW2(??)-wee willie bunker.

I have been trying to cajole/coerce the "boys" into coming up with scenarios for their WW2 and Napoleonic figures for the past few weeks,but I have come to the conclusion that it would be easier to convert the Pope to Islam!! To this effect,I put on a WW2 game last night,using my plastic,54mm "Modern" troops and tanks,but converting my tanks to WW2 types(Mk4,Shermans,Tiger etc. etc.) and using Dave's rules with the added adaptation of alternate moves!!

This is the scenario,Paul and Dave were the Scots,whilst Graham and Brian were the Russians.

The two photo's show the terrain and deployment before any movement.
Both sides came up with a battle plan,and away we went-Scots getting to move first!

These two shots show the game in full swing-Brian has managed to out-flank Paul in the village,and the Scot's centre is being threatened!

Two more shots showing explosions and tank on fire(ie knocked out!) and the bunker under serious attack by the Russians-Dave is making copious notes and adjustments to his rules-which is what the game was all about!

Having taken the right flank,Brian is now directing HE(high Explosive) fire on Dave's infantry in the woods-things are not looking good for the Scots!!!

Brian's squad of infantry are about to join Graham in the final push against the bunker.

The bunker is in Russian hands,and the game is over!-I can't get excited about WW2 but this was an interesting and exciting game to watch.Dave is going to re-write his rules in an easy-to-follow format,incorporating the things that came up in this game,so it won't be long until we have another (proper!) WW2 battle.(cajole/coerce!!)
Roll on next Sunday-don't know what we'll be playing-any suggestions "boys"???????


  1. Who's wearing the Grumpy Old Git t-shirt. Too many candidates ;-P good to see you embracing modern period, John

    1. Chris,I'd rather embrace a cactus!!-Paul is wearing the t-shirt,but,you're right,it could be any of us!!!