Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Preview Zulu game for Sunday 27.5.2018.

This Sunday coming I have planned a grand Zulu game,so thought I would share the scenario and a few photographs to whet your appetite.........................

Scenario and notes to the British commanders(2)

Table before any Zulus are on it!!

Top photo shows the rescue column approaching the kraal,bottom photo shows the view from the kraal.

The Zulus have arrived!!!-left horn is making its way to their designated position,as is the right horn,centre and reserves!!!!-this is going to be bloody!

Chest,awaiting orders to attack,but not before the horns are in position!

The right horn-doesn't the rescue column look vulnerable????

This is all your fault,private Spottyface!!!!
Roll on Sunday.


  1. You'll reduce them to nervous wrecks with scenarios like this! (Well done haha)

  2. Just in case anyone has forgot Zulus move quite fast !!!!

    1. Brian,quite fast is an understatement!!
      Poor Richard,he never really recovered from that attack!!