Friday, 22 May 2020

Old School Gloss

Myself and Paul have decided we prefer the gloss varnish finish on our Napoleonics so, as well as painting new stuff, I have been making a start on gloss varnishing my figures. First up though is my newly completed unit, which is the 25th Prussian regiment. These are Calpe miniatures and are very nice figures.
Next are a couple of command bases for my Neapolitans. Murat was painted many years ago for me by Graham but had become rather old and battered so I touched him up (steady Brian) and added a couple of Connoisseur figures as ADCs.

The other command base is again an original figure repainted and a Lancer escort added.

Lastly a couple of Guard  cavalry units which I painted a long time ago but which are now resplendently shiny. Guard Chasseurs by Elite and Guard Mamelukes by Bicorne.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) I have been informed that my furlough from work is over and I return on Tuesday, so my painting output will slow once again. However I have had a taste of what retirement is like and I envy John and Brian! I will see what i can complete over the weekend....


  1. What's brought this on? You're too young to remember old skool! My colonial stuff is glossed. Can't remember why I made that choice. I like it that way. Everything else I have is matt varnished. Gloss varnish lifts colours so with something like Napoleonic it'll make the colours vibrant. Good work and welcome back to the world of work! Cheers Chris :-)

  2. Very nice - a coat of gloss does really lift the colours of Napoleonic troops!

  3. Lovely and shiny - those Hussars are really splendid. Retirement is supposed to be great, apparently...

  4. Dave,cracking work,how do you remember which figures are which-I can only recognise Mini-Figs and Hinchliffe!!