Friday, 2 March 2012

They shall not "pass"

Paul and I had a very exciting "ancient" game on thursday night,Carthaginians vs Gauls;Paul's objective was to get through 2 passes with his army,whilst my objective wa to stop him with my Gallic host. This shows Paul's starting positions with Celts and Spanish on his far right flank,Elephants and African infantry in the centre and Cavalry on his left flank.

This shows my starting positions,with a mass of Gauls on the far left flank hill,a very thin centre, and cavalry on my right flank.

This is a close up of the Carthaginian centre showing the Elephants (16 of them) and the veteran African infantry.

The game started by the Elephants charging forward and meeting my central warbands,after a shaky first round melee I eventually beat the Elephants and forced them to retire
On my right flank the warbands on the hill charged down on the facing Celts and a melee started which lasted for 4 moves,however I was eventually beaten and forced to fall back.Meanwhile on the Cavalry flank both sides charged each other and for a long time we melee'd and moved onto each other's flanks trying to gain an advantage,inevitably I was beaten!

Thius shows the central position just as the African inf.push back my warbands.(note the remnants of the elephant units in the forground)

This photo shows Paul's victorious Spanish troops pushing my warbands back up their hill and on to victory.

The Carthaginian army pushed on through the passes and onto Rome,the rest as they say is History!!

An excellent game and good time had by both Paul and myself,Robin "observed" and asked questions throughout,he's very quickly getting to know our rules and the way we play,roll on Sunday.

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