Friday, 4 May 2012

Zulu game 3.5.12.

This game proved to be another exciting and nail biting game,between Paul,commanding the Zulu and me (John) commanding the British.Overall tactics were down to the period,ie. the zulu would attack as per tried and tested centre and horns,whilst the poor old British would attempt to keep them at long range with rifle and artillery fire,from a very advantageous position.....well that was the idea!! The photo below shows the table as it was set up,with the Zulu moving into its positions and getting ready to attack,with the British occupying the ridge and buildings on the left of the picture. This shows the British camp and good defensive lines,the buildings were a bit exposed and isolated,a fact not wasted on the Zulu commander,who attacked it with "gusto",sending three regiments against it.The British company fought well,but the N.N.C. supporting them didn't like the idea of crossing spears with the Zulu and beat a hasty retreat once things hotted up!

This shows the company of the 80th foot and accompanying N.N.C. before the Zulu storm hit them.

The Zulu left horn approaching the British lines,and coming under tremendous fire from Gatling and company fire.

The main ridge is shown here and the volume of rifle and artillery fire given to the brave Zulu regiments attacking.

This shows Paul's right horn attacking my left flank,I opted to also attack,this strange tactic threw the Zulu for a while until all four regiments got into position and forced me to retire and fire as I went,but not before i suffered a "bloody nose". Dave can be seen in the background,he popped i n to see the game before starting night shift-now there's keeness for you!

First contact! Paul's left horn reaches my companies on the ridge and a fearful and long lasting melee took place with fortunes going both ways,I eventually drove him back,but then was threatened on my flank and was forced to retire also,good "ding dong" stuff.

This a general view of the British line being assailed by hordes of Zulu regiments and only just holding on.

Zulu reserve,who attacked the defensive position and buildings, about to beat the defenders and push them out of the sign of their supporting N.N.C.!!

A British company fighting a centre regiment of Zulu,this was a crucial melee which was won by the British, and possibly saved the game for the British,who were now in a position to threaten the whole Zulu line.

In this shot,although the British have fallen back from repeated Zulu assaults,they are in a position to mount an attack with artillery from thr right hand hill,and the left flank is now secure,it was only a matter of time before the Zulu retired to their kraals!!

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