Monday, 31 December 2012

Greeks vs Persians 490BC

A few weeks ago Brian painted some Greek Hoplites,and started to do a bit of research into weapons,tactics,uniforms etc.and got himself "hooked" into the period,he consequently challenged me to a game,using a Hoplite army against a Persian army.
We decided on the terrain,and both went away and planned our dispositions and battle plan,the resulting battle was marvellous,to say the least,with over 400 figures per side,at the end we were both "exhausted".

This shows the general layout of the table,with instructions as to where we could position our troops.

This shows the forces employed,although I had more units than Brian,his morale/fighting points were greater than mine,so it ended up equal for the game.

From the word "go" it was action all the way,with both sides advancing,intent on capturing each other's "temple".Brian's plan was toprotect his temple with his best troops,the dreaded Spartans,but to also attack along the whole front,this attack threw me,I must admit,and didn't allow me much time to get my troops into their desired positions!

This shot is of my left flank,where I threw my hordes of light infantry against Brian's Hoplites.I had backed my inf. with horse archers and scythed chariots,and these proved to be a bit of a life saver for me,although I was given a bloody nose!!

This is an overall view of the table,showing the Persian line advancing against the Greeks,with the "Immortals" being not very "Immortal" and being beaten in melee!In the background to the right of the picture you can just see my right flank cavalry moving to outflank the Spartans defending the temple,after having beaten Brian's cavalry in a 2:1 melee.

I don't know how,but I managed to beat Brian's hoplites with my light  inf.however my success was short lived,and my morale broke,mainly due to good use of skirmishers by Brian,which forced my whole flank to collapse.

This shot is of the whole table,late on during the game,Brian's luck seemed to have left him and a series of "diabolical" dice throws left him on the back foot,and holding his head in his hands,and asking the "gods" why they had abandoned him!!

Brian looking like he needs a "cuddle",volunteers form an orderly queue outside the garage!!

The Persians are winning in the centre,my heavy inf,have pushed the Spartans back,and have outflanked them on their hill/temple side,so although my left flank was in dis-array,the Persians had won the day!

Onefinal photo,my left flank,devoid of any Persian troops,however Brian's Hoplites were in no position to capitalise on the situation,as I had some inf. and cavalry moving to protect the flank.

This was a"cracking" game ,and Brian's "agressive" tactics almost paid off, and certainly had me worried for a long time,until I could get my troops into their destined positions.

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