Thursday, 2 January 2014

Battle of the Villa AD114.

For our first battle of 2014,three of us took part-Brian and Paul as Germans,and I as Roman,and what a battle it turned out to be!!

This is the map,scenario and initial troop dispositions.Paul commanded the left and Brian the right,Brian was to attack the Villa,and my approaching cohorts,whilst Paul,with all of the cavalry was to attack the cohorts facing him,but guard the flank between the villa and the wooded hill,against any possible Roman attacks!!
My orders and battle plan was to relieve the villa,and inflict a defeat on the Germans-simple!!

This shows the German force-with "random movement" dice the warbands were held up long enough for me to get my cohorts into a good solid line,where they would be "unassailable"!! or so I thought!!!!!!!

Look at that line! What could possibly get through that?-Germans,that's bloody well what!!-The villa held firm after repeated attacks-looked a bit like "Rorke's Drift" after the third move!! In the background Paul is moving his warbands ever closer to my position,holding his cavalry back in support-I had other ideas and charged his troops with all 4 units of my cavalry,and upset his plans-for a while!!

This photo shows Paul's troops moving into position,and my cavalry just about to start their charge,this was thrilling stuff,who would win??

CRASH!! Brian is looking pensive,and Dave has joined us straight from work! These melees swung both ways,but as Paul had weakened one of my units,with sling shots,I was looking scared!!-me scared? never!!

My cavalry have been beaten and driven back,Paul has launched a myriad of warbands against my cohorts,things look black!!

Even "blacker" now-the villa has fallen into German hands(Hans-get it??) and my lovely cohort line is broken and retiring!! woe is me,all is lost-a German win!!

This was a great game to start the new year,and a well deserved win for Brian and Paul-well done lads!!
Roll on Sunday,Paul has a game planned for us,Richard can't make it after a road accident-he's not badly hurt,thankfully,but can't drive due to broken thumb!! so it will be Dave,Graham,Brian and I, with Paul being referee-hurrah!!

I got two "surprise" pressies for Christmas,I don't know which one's worse..................!!!!!!!!!!!!

You choose!!