Monday, 4 August 2014

Unscheduled Battle 1710

We had an unscheduled and impromptu battle on Sunday,and as I couldn't contact Richard,there was only Dave,Brian and I to play,nevertheless it was a thrilling affair!!

This was the table before any movement had taken place-Dave was in command of the Franco/Bavarian forces on the right,whilst Brian and I commanded the Allies-the objective was for both sides to capture the opposition's defensive positions.

The three photo's above show the amount of manoeuvering that went on prior to any action.Brian's advance over the bridge in the last shot ,was classed as offensive(the move,not Brian!!) and prompted Dave to open fire,then all hell broke loose!!

Brian's attack on the village is in full swing here,Dave was a bit worried about the number of troops Brian was putting in to the attack,however his brave Bavarians were up to the task of stopping him-hurrah!!

It was now my turn to be attacked,and Dave's French came on in fine style-our plans had been quite similar-ie hold the flanks and let the Devil throw the dice!!

Both centres advance in this shot,Dave had placed his artillery in a good position and enfiladed my attack-this proved disastrous to my Danish infantry and cavalry,and a bad morale throw saw my whole line having to stop and reform!!

The pressure is mounting on my defensive position,and the unit guarding it are hanging on by a thread-on the far left flank my cavalry have driven Dave's back,but he has fresh troops on the hill behind.

The Bavarians in the village are beaten-one last push by the "remaining" Danes will see us capture the position and win the game!!

How did he do it??-outnumbered 2 to 1,very few fighting points left,then he threw a 5 and we threw a 2!!!
We were pushed back out of the village and on my flank,the position was taken-we were beaten!!!
This was a very good game,both plans were good and well executed.
I have my Grandson up for a week's holiday,so don't know if we'll be playing on Thursday.

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