Monday, 30 June 2014

Invasion 480BC

Last night the "famous five" had an ancients game based on a Persian invasion of Greece.
Paul and I were the Persians and Graham,Brian and Richard were the Greeks.

The top photo shows the scenario etc. the bottom photo shows the layout of the table before any movement.My orders were to hold the beach-head in the far distance,Paul was to take on the whole of the known world!!

For some inexplicable reason,both Graham and Brian have left their respective high ground positions and advanced onto the plain!-Paul had decided on a "Cannae" type move to suck the Greeks in and then hit them on their flanks-this seemed to be working.

Meanwhile,on my flank,I have sent two units of axemen to try and get around Richard's flanks-he didn't take advantage of the fact that he could have got 2 against 1 on each flank-so I didn't tell him!!

By the time Richard decided to advance,his right flank was retreating,and although I have more units than he did,his Rhomphia-armed troops could have chopped me to bits-if he had realised-no questions,no answers!!-war is hell.-Brian is looking grim-he's being out-manoeuvred,and the Spartans are just arriving on Graham's flank.Paul has taken the high ground on his left,so when the Spartans do eventually attack they will,literally,have an uphill task!!-hurrah.

The Spartans begin their attack,only to be met by the Immortals!!-charging down hill!!!-result inevitable!!!!!!! meanwhile on the plain,Graham and Brian's hoplites are putting up a good show,and things look bleak,at the moment,for the Persian centre.

Is that the Spartans retiring?-Yes it is!!Graham has placed his reserve Spartan unit in a bad position and can neither manoeuvre them or support the front liners-his Corinthians are being pushed back too-how is Brian doing?

Well he appears to be making for the exit!!-Graham is looking grim now!-What is happening at the beach head?

Richard is doing quite well,he has managed to push me back,but my victorious flank unit is about to charge him in the rear!!

A couple of good dice throws,and it was all over for Richard! In the background you can see Paul's manoeuvre paying off,and the Greeks everywhere are on the back foot-Success to the Persians-hurrah!!

Another good and exciting game,so roll on Thursday,probably only playing in the morning.


  1. It's good to see the forces of civilisation winning for a change!

    1. Paul and I both put it down to bad troop handling on the part of the Greek Generals!! Thanks for your comment,really appreciated.

  2. Marvellous, massive game. Well done gents!

    1. Thanks James,I love the bigger games where you can manoeuvre,and out-smart your opponent-which,in my case,is rare!!-keep the comments coming.