Monday, 7 July 2014

Medieval "Test" game

Last week we were lucky enough to be accepted to put on a demonstration game at Border Reiver in September,so we had a bit of a run through of our proposed game,last night.
The figures we are using are "different",in that they are 54mm Plastics,bought from the Pound Shops,at a ridiculously low price of £60 for the whole lot!!-we would love some comments.

Basically,it will be a siege game,with a large battle going on to the right of the castle.The following photo's will give you a sense of what we hope to achieve.........

Some good points for discussion were raised during the game,and various rule "amendments" will have to be made,but all in all a very satisfactory game.......

Of course we couldn't forget the ongoing siege-this was purely a "decoration" last night,but on the day we will be fighting it as a separate game!

A picture of the King,with his hound dog!!-is it Elvis??? followed by a picture of the French King..


We all enjoyed the challenge last night,and hopefully,by September,we will have it all sewn up,with tactics and formations worked out,ready to show the wargaming public,that you don't have to spend a fortune to have a stunning wargame!!

Roll on Thursday-Brian's Caesarians again,vs British tribes(again!)


  1. Looks great to me, definitely different from the usual fare, especially with the assault going on too. The good thing about these figs is the way you've been able to use them for casualties and for the guys going up the ladders. The flags are especially impressive. By the way, how do you find painting these as opposed to 25-28mm?

    1. Thanks Caliban-I actually found them more difficult to paint than 25/28!!that sounds crazy,but I think it's because the figures are so big,they take alot of paint to cover properly-good comments,keep 'em coming.

  2. Hi Paul i painted a few of them and i also found them harder to paint weird!! last bigger figures i would have painted would have been Tamiya Tank crew men!!.Good memory or what!!.

  3. Thanks both, that is interesting. I imagine that large areas of single colours would need a different technique from 25/28mm to make them look right. A bit of a challenge, especially seeing how many you have!