Friday, 2 January 2015

Battle of the Luxor Gates 48BC-Egypt

In the absence of Brian,who is sickly,the "Terrific Trio" donned their sandles and swords,and took themselves off to Egypt for this game.

These two photo's show the scenario and the table layout,before any movement,Paul elected to command the two legions(and a damned fine job he made of it too!!) Dave was in charge of the Hittites and Egyptians,whilst I took command of my Pa'Arasites and the Chariots-it was mentioned before the game started that the chariots would never pass their M.O.T, with all those emissions coming out of the back of them!!(it's supposed to be dust!!)


Obviously the newer(probably Nissan,'cos the're Dave's) version,with improved engine and nil carbon emissions!!

Belching clouds of noxious gases,the chariots roll forward and skirmish with Paul's auxiliaries on his left flank,whilst the two centres advanced against each other.Paul had also launched a good force against the Hittites in the pass(gates)

The centres have clashed in this shot,Paul threw his Pila,but I am spear-armed so had an advantage in the first round of melee-I was going to need it!!

Paul first threw in his cavalry to soften Dave up a bit,then followed with his cohorts-Dave's line held,but he was out-numbered-could he hold on???

On the Roman left,my heavy chariots have made contact with some Gallic cavalry,and,it has to be said,that they didn't do too well!!-Paul chased me back to my original position,where,thankfully,I still had my light chariots,who proceeded to "pepper" the cavalry with arrows,and eventually drove him back-hurrah!!

The fight for the pass continued,officers falling like nine pins,Hittites getting pushed back,then the Romans getting pushed back-heroic stuff of legends-it was at this point that disaster struck!!!-one of the light tubes packed in (a sign from the Gods??),but we managed to rig up temporary lighting and carried on-hurrah for good old British ingenuity!!
Dave had now got his Egyptian troops into a good position and was about to charge and teach these damned Romans a thing or two!!!!

That's the way to do it!!(is this Punch and Judy or wargaming??)
Dave's troops were spear-armed too and this caused Paul a bit of a problem,and he was pushed back for a move,but then reformed and came back in with a vengeance,and drove Dave back-wargaming at its best.

My centre troops are beginning to get weakened by continuous changing of lines and pila throws,and I am getting pushed back,except the far right flank,which I have all but secured.

Dave has managed to get one of his heavy chariot units to charge into a cohort,but the rest of the Egyptians are looking "tired"-the pass has been taken by the Romans,so we decided,after 14 moves and 5 hours of play,that the Romans were the narrow victors!!
This was another great game,thoroughly enjoyable in all aspects-well done lads,and get well soon Brian,and lastly,a very happy 2015 to everyone.


  1. Beautiful minis, and scenery...nice report!

    1. Cheers Phil,some wargamers don't like their battlefields cluttered up with scenic bits,but I think it makes the game-you "feel" as though you are where the battle is supposed to be set-thanks for comment,keep them coming