Thursday, 4 December 2014

Battle of Plum Tree Farm 1757

Our old mate Allan came around this morning for a quick "knockabout" game,using the terrain Paul and I are using tonight.-This was a good and fast game,Allan is a "wily" opponent,and kept me on my toes for the whole game-well done mate!!

These two photo's show the scenario and initial troop dispositions,before any movement-Allan was Prussian commander,I was Russian commander(defending)

To the thunder of Russian guns,the game started-Allan put in a tremendous attack on both positions,his Infantry marching in serried lines against my "quaking" Russians!!

Changing quickly from line into column,for ease of movement,Allan feints towards my centre,whilst his real intentions were to my flanks.

A fire-fight erupts along the front and right flank-my guns had done enough damage to Allan's troops to put them at a disadvantage on the far right,and they were forced by morale checks to go back-hurrah!! However my centre is being sorely tested,and I may have to pull back,unless i can get my cavalry into play-let's see!!

Allan has launched some of his cavalry against my left,so I am tied up there,and can't safely move my cavalry to support the centre-woe is me!!

It's all over,Allan has broken my right and centre,although I have driven him off on my left,it was decided that  decisive Prussian victory must be recorded.
I enjoyed this game,we played "cat and mouse" for a lot of the game,which was full of give and take-roll on tonight-same terrain,different period(Ancients)

Is this dedication or what?-a selfie taken in two degrees last night whilst setting up the games for today-memo to self "stop being an old Scrooge and put the bloody heaters on!!"-and it's no good you all putting comments onto the blog telling me how much I look like George Clooney,I already know!!!!!!!


  1. You are right about Alan John I think the time to watch out is when he calmly says "I'am in no hurry to get Shot!! see you Sunday.