Thursday, 9 April 2015

Bits and pieces.

Because we are not playing tonight,I thought I would share with you some other aspects of our wargaming.A few of you might be forgiven for thinking we only play "Horse and Musket" and "Ancient" games,but we actually cover much more than that,for example..........

We do 18th/19th century sailing ships,both in very large scale and this smaller scale-as a matter of interest,these metal models are all "pencil sharpeners!"-yes,"pencil sharpeners" and we have enough of them to refight Trafalgar!!

We also fight WW1 and WW2 aerial battles,using "Corgi" models,and these rather "nifty" mini-planes made by a company called "Tootsie Models"-very collectable,I am told!

A Japanese Carrier and escort is being attacked by Corsairs and P40's-the Zero's appear to be taking a right old beating!!

There it goes,about to take a dip in the Pacific!!

I consider myself to be a very practical person who believes there a no such things as problems-only solutions,so,how many times have you seen on a wargames table roads and rivers that,after the first few moves,become "unstuck" and seem to move around the table,or get pushed away from their original position?-well, not on our table!!

Solution,Clear Plastic Spine Binders!!top photo shows them being attached(after cutting to a convenient size) to the river section,and bottom photo shows them in situ,and the third photo shows the same section with added camouflage,to hide the join.

Not too bad,I think you would agree.

Dave, in our small group,has a massive collection of 25mm American Civil War figures,but because he works "funny" shift patterns,we don't get to play with them very often,however we do have some 15mm figs. that get an "airing" every now and then..........

Those Kallistra hills and mountains get everywhere-we use the small bases as regiments,with three to a brigade-we have a fair number of them,including cavalry and artillery,and can lay on a good size game.

Finally,as it's the Wife's birthday shortly,I decided to treat her to a Hollywood-type make-over see what you think..........................

Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!-big improvement,very sexy!!!!


  1. All very nice looking

    What are you putting on at Carronade this year?

    1. HI David,thanks for taking the time to read our blog,at Carronade this year we are putting on something different and special-a 54mm Plastic Medieval game c/w siege !I hope you can come to our table and introduce yourself and have a bit of a chat-see you there.