Monday, 6 April 2015

Seven Years War battle.

Last night saw the full return of Brian commanding an army-however,and I do apologise to Brian,because I did promise I wouldn't mention his slight "faux pas",and of course I shouldn't really mention it,but I thought "what the hell!!".
The slight faux pas consisted of Brian(he has been unwell,and is still on medication!) ordering his Russian infantry to line up on the flank of Paul's Austrian infantry,and give them a volley-when it was pointed out to him that Paul was actually on his side,and shouldn't be classed as a valid target-well,you can guess the expletives,laughter and nasty banter that ensued!!!!-welcome back Brian!

"Scenario" and table before any movement-Paul in charge of the Austrians,on the far left,Brian in charge(?) of the Russians in the foreground,and my Prussians on the right.
Brian's troops had very low morale,he was short of powder for his guns,and the bridge was weak and slowed his movement.Paul had an abundance of powder and sent a waggon full over to Brian,but this took almost 8 moves-would he hold out long enough under sustained attacks from my Prussians?

This photo shows two things:- number one,my attack on Brian's position.Number two,the moment of complete embarrassment when Brian was told he shouldn't fire on his allies!!-Is that the face of a cool ,calm and collected General?????-still,he did well defending against my attacks.

I gained the central hill ahead of Paul's Austrians,but he put me under a lot of pressure by launching a cavalry attack against me-I responded with my cavalry and a battle "royale" ensued-lovely and exciting stuff.

This shot is taken from my town,and shows the whole line ablaze-action all the way,neither side gaining any real advantage-Brian appears to have calmed down,in fact almost comatosed!!-I'd better wake him up with yet another attack on his town!!

With Paul piling the pressure on in the centre,and Brian holding his own(now,now!) on the flank,I have had to mobilise my reserves(Hanoverians) into action,and send them over to bolster my attack on Brian-HELP!!

Paul is looking pensive(or is that anxious?) as he still hasn't penetrated my defences in the town,however he is doing very well in the centre,and driving my infantry back-I need more troops!

My Hanoverians are now attacking the Russians,Brian has massed his batteries(not very 7YW,but expedient in the circumstances!) You can see the powder waggon in the background-this gave Brian a much needed boost to his fire-power,and saw the end of my chances of taking the town.

The whole line is still ablaze with all kinds of action-my cavalry have eventually beaten the Austrian cavalry-I can now turn them on Brian's flank,if only the Hanoverians can hold on!!

Look at those cavalry-magnificent in their "uselessness",sweeping across the battlefield,with no chance of getting any where near the town held by the Russians!!

Final photo,showing my only success,I still have control of my town,but the central hill is lost and Brian's Russians are still holding on-so I was declared the "loser!!"-never mind there's always a next time!!
Next week is full of doctor's appointments and physiotherapy sessions,so I don't know if we will even be playing on Thursday-but if not,roll on next Sunday.


  1. Great Game glad to be back,However you must remember I have form for firing on my own troops even without medication.!!!!

  2. So have I-don't mention Blenheim!!!
    Glad you enjoyed the game-great photo wasn't it?

  3. Marvellous stuff William and co.
    That has to be the best fog of war story that I have heard!

    1. Hi James,
      the language was terrible to hear though!!!

  4. You always have such great looking games!

    1. Hi Doug,thanks for comment,I put a lot of thought and effort into the games,to make them interesting and exciting for us all-a few houses and pieces of terrain can make all the difference!
      keep the comments coming,