Sunday, 3 January 2016

Battle of the Dyke-Marlburian.

Before I start the report on the game we had today,you are all,no doubt aware that the news on everyone's lips today is that the "Chippendales" have reformed.........................

And here they are!!-bloody hell,more like the "Chipmunks"!!!! I don't know how some of them get let out by themselves!!-Alan is wearing a nice hat!!

The scenario and map-Brian was in charge of the Scots,Alan in charge of the Irish,Paul in charge of the Bavarians,Dave in charge of the Anglo/Prussians,whilst Graham and I looked at each other from opposite sides of the table,on horse back!!

Brian's impressive attack on The Dyke is met by a fierce volley from the Irish-Alan was outnumbered so asked Paul for reinforcements,and was duly sent them!!

On the Allied right flank,I was tasked with holding the flank against Graham's French cavalry-we were evenly matched,so I would have to rely on my "superior" dice throwing(big groan!!)
In the centre Dave is advancing on the Bavarians,who,curiously,backed away-moral victory to us-hurrah!!

Dave's Prussians are holding the line,whilst the "English" are trying to out-flank the Bavarian line-in the background Brian is still fighting the Irish.................

Brian is beginning to get the upper hand in this shot,and the Irish are being pushed back,but Paul is looking tense!! as Alan points to a very important bush!!!

The cavalry battle is in full swing now-in the background to the right,I have captured Graham's battery,however it looks like I will lose my squadron,as the French cavalry are pounding down on me!

Paul is till looking tense!,the centre of the field is looking calm,but not so on both flanks!!-come on commanders,get stuck in!!

My "superior" dice throwing is obviously telling in this shot,that's why I am going backwards!!!

One of Dave's "English" regiments is involved in a fire-fight,which,it must be said, did not go well!!-but on the far left,Brian is still making headway against the Irish-a very small hurrah!!

Oh no,that small hurrah has just been turned into a large "BOO"-the Scots have been bounced!!-this is now looking desperate-can Dave turn this game around by beating the Bavarians??

Both centres open fire!(not before bloody time!),but Paul was throwing the dice that I should have been throwing!!-My cavalry battle is almost over,and Brian's Scots are suffering from a very bad case of "Sporran Mange",causing them to turn tail and head for home!!-is this is the end?

"YES"!!-with denuded flanks,the Allies accepted defeat with total gentlemany grace,and blamed the Scots!!!!
This was a good game,certainly different,with the Scots involved,and enjoyed by us all.
Roll on Thursday-probably 4 of us,but as yet I don't know what period.

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