Friday, 21 October 2016

40mm Painting update.

I have been painting like a mad thing(no comments!!) my 40mm Prince August figures,which we will be using in May at Carronade show at Falkirk-we have decided to put on a game as an "Homage" to Charles Grant, and his son and heir, Charles.S Grant-the rules we use are very similar in content and thought to the "Grant Rules",and we hope that the game will be spectacular, having an "Old School" feel about it.
I have made another two Prussian regiments,which are completely finished and based,and am working on two Austrian Cuirassier regiments,which will be followed by three Austrian Infantry regiments and an Austrian gun battery.

Top photo shows first regiment painted and about to get based,bottom photo is second regiment about to be under-coated.

Both regiments,standing beside the Prince August catalogue(down-loaded and then printed!) awaiting to be flocked(the figures,not the catalogue!!)

A close-up of the figures showing the "Toy Soldier Style" of painting,that suits me down to the ground!!(that's my excuse,and I'm sticking to it!!)

Flocked and on parade,two regiments of 24 figures each.

Yet another shot of the line!!
But what of the heavy cavalry?

These were caste last night and under-coated this morning............................

Horses and saddle-cloths painted,now to add some colour..................

Now they're taking shape,I'll probably get another couple of colours on tonight,and finish them tomorrow,so I'll include them in Monday's blog,after our game on Sunday(which will be an Ancients game).


  1. Splendid figures, I really look forward to your forthcoming game.

    1. HI Alan,thanks for your kind comment,I really am enjoying making and painting these figures-lots of satisfaction when I see them all laid out in their painted glory!!

  2. They're coming on John and starting to look like an Old School wargame, did you know you were so cutting edge?
    By the way give them a coat of gloss varnish to catch the total ambiance of the look. Well done.

    1. Hi Robbie,thanks for comment,but why would they want to catch an Ambulance???

  3. Yes its all coming together John but I think we should ask Kenny for his Strongest Tables!!

  4. Great work...a toy soldier painting finish is so much better. You can see what the figure is meant to be as it's nice and bright, and there is not a whole heap of clutter on the bases obscuring the troops. Added to which they can be banged out at a rate of knots.

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,I take it from your comment that you also make PA figures(??)
      They are easy to paint in "Toy Sodier" style,and ,I think, they look good "en masse"