Monday, 31 October 2016

Battle of Moet and Chandon 1756.

Last night we took a trip down "Memory Lane" by rolling out my 40mm Prince August semi-flat figures(which we are taking to Falkirk in May 2017!) and what a game it turned out to be.
Paul and Brian were French commanders and Dave and Graham were in charge of the British.

This is the simple scenario-Brian ended up in charge of the Bavarians in Moet,whilst Paul had the French and the village of Chandon.
Against Brian,Dave took command of the Dutch,and Graham opposed Paul,all was set for an epic struggle!!

Dave opened the proceedings with a grand attack on Moet-Brian responded by moving Infantry forward to meet the attack,whilst firing his guns at anything that moved!!!

This shows Dave's determined attack on Moet,and Brian's brilliant defence-great stuff!

We call this the "club pose!!"-however if you look at the serious faces,you can tell that they are thinking about their next moves!-both Graham and Paul were manoeuvering their forces to gain the flank,leaving all the fighting,for the time being,to Dave and Brian.

The fight for the flank begins!-Graham has retired back to form a formidable line,of infantry,guns and cavalry-Paul now has a real fight on his hands.

Suddenly,all hell is let loose as the British charge forward,trying to split the French and Bavarian armies-this move was met by the French and Bavarian cavalry,combined with some French infantry-what a spectacle!!-eventually the French were forced back,but with the village of Chandon still in French hands,it was a bit of a "stalemate"-but what of Moet??

This shows the whole table towards the end of move number 10(or 11 if you're Brian!),the village of Moet has fallen to the victorious Dutch,who are now moving to help the situation in the centre.
A draw was called for as Moet had been won by the British and Dutch,but Chandon was still in the hands of the French-a fair result I would say!!

A last defiant shot from Brian's Bavarian infantry,before they retired!
This was a great game,played in good spirit-there may be a few more games before Falkirk!!
Brian has been painting some WW2 British Paratroopers,from Artisan Design,and has done a great job........................

These are lovely figures,loads of movement and detail,and of course nicely painted!
Roll on next Sunday,hopefully a WW2 game,using Brian's figures and Dave's rules.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Alan,good to hear from you-yes this was a good game.I think the figures lend themselves to "old school" play,with lots of give and take(and so it should be!)
      At Falkirk we will be fielding twice as many as we did the other night-so should look spectacular.

  2. What a great looking game..... another tempting project. Which to go for, 40mm Prince August or 30mm Spencer Smith?

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,it's worthwhile downloading the PA catalogue,to look at the variety they now do-some new 7YW moulds are really tempting to me,we'll see.
      I believe that Spencer Smith figures are now metal-the ones I bought in the 70's were plastic,but share a uncanny resemblance to PA figures,or is that the other way round??