Monday, 17 October 2016

Battle of "Tiger Bridge" 1943.

Last night saw a good turn out for our first full World War 2 game,using some rules that Dave has devised,and a damned good game it was too!!!

This is the scenario,Paul and Brian opted to be the British,whilst Dave and Graham were the Germans-I sat this one out due to my very limited knowledge,combined with an urge to learn and watch at the same time-and it worked!

Before the game started,Dave and Brian balanced the sides,putting the Germans in a good defensive position,with the "Lone Tiger" guarding the bridge-however,what they didn't know was that I had written into the scenario that it was broken down and couldn't move,but could still fire!!(sneaky)

The Tiger!!-all of the figures in tonight's game were painted by Brian,and are only part of his vast collection(which is growing as I type!!)

The game gets under way,the "recce patrol" has come under fire from a hidden anti-tank gun,and "retires"-it's good being retired! and the Germans begin to cross the Bridge.

This photo is taken from the British side of the table-"smoke" has been laid down in front of the Anti-Tank position,and Brian is sending some "Kamikaze" infantry to try and find out what is in the Farmhouse!!-he did find out and was shot to hell for his efforts!!!-meanwhile Paul is sending three tanks and two infantry platoons to the left to try and take out the Tiger.

"BANZAI!!!"-lovely painted figures though!
Brian eventually captured the Farmhouse,using a combination of mortar and machine gun fire,and knocking out the supporting Tank(I can't remember the make,and that is one of the problems I have with WW2-I can't tell the difference between a Panzerfaust and a Cromwell!!,but I will learn!)
Graham husbanded his troops well,and held his position for the whole of the game,and Dave's Tiger stood the test of many shots from the British tanks,so that at the end of move number 8(or 10 if you are Brian!!) it was,I suppose a draw,but very well played by all.
Throughout the game Dave took notes and will ammend the rules accordingly,until we have a good,thoroughly tested set of simple,but realistic rules-well done Dave.
Roll on next Sunday,when I will be rolling out my 40mm figures,which I have been adding to at an alarming rate-artillery,cavalry and infantry-I have really got the "bug" now!!!

This Prussian regiment was finished yesterday,and this one will be under-coated and started today.........................

I also have plans for two more Austrian regiments,plus cavalry!!!!


  1. John,
    Call me a pedant, but we British never shouted Banzai, well unless you were from over the river, where anything goes.

    1. Robbie(pedant!) from where you live you probably pronounce it "bannanas"-how about this game that Dave has invited you to??