Monday, 10 October 2016

Battle of Lobositz 1756

Last night we decided to fight an actual battle from the Seven Years War,pitching Prussians against Austrians.

This is the simplified scenario,Paul and Dave commanded the Austrians,whilst Brian and I commanded the Prussians-the troops were in position as shown on the map,and all was set for a grand game!

Before I could advance on my left flank,I had to clear the "Lobosch" which was being held by light infantry-this proved a costly affair which was only achieved by troops taking heavy casualties.
In this photo,Paul is lining his Austrians up ready for my assault-Or was he???-no of course not!!-he began to attack me!!!!

The whole of the left flank is ablaze with artillery and musketry fire-Dave is moving his troops from behind the Morellenbach Marsh to reinforce the Austrian centre-we,initially, thought this might be a feint,so hung back with our right flank,commanded by Brian-in hindsight this was a mistake,as it gave time for the Austrians to mass their forces,and put a wide gap between them and our right!!

The gap!! Brian has started his advance,but he may be too late to support my troops.who are taking a right old hammering!!

Whilst a cavalry battle is beginning in the centre,Paul charged Brian's horse artillery battery,situated on the Homolka Mound,and despite being cannistered,he managed to destroy the battery!!!-Brian now had to move fast to restore the situation,which he did in fine style,sending cavalry and infantry over to the left-hurrah!!

The situation is in the process of being restored in this shot,but my flank is being sorely tested,as is Paul's in front of Lobositz-what a game!!

This shows my left flank-not much of it left!-however, I have captured the Lobosch hill,putting Paul's troops in peril-hurrah!!
Dave ,on the other flank,is giving Brian a good old-fashioned beating,but Brian kept up his attacks,hoping to save the day for the Prussians-come on Brian!!!

This shows my troops on the Lobosch,flanking Paul,who,wisely, began to get his troops across the Elbe,as per "objective set"-great wargaming!!

Dave's "immaculate" use of artillery is pounding Brian's line-he is now feeling the full weight of Dave's combined artillery,infantry and cavalry attacks-this is the pivotal moment that in all wargames, will determine the winners and losers!!

Whilst a furious fire-fight was going on on Brian's flank,Paul was extricating his troops across the Elbe,thus achieving the Austrian objective-well done!!

Farewell Austrians,there'll be another time,and another battle!!
This was another great game,played with grand humour,banter,and adhering to the correct tactics-we all enjoyed the game,which is what it's all about.
Roll on next Sunday!


  1. Great game report of a favourite battle. Are you gents going to Shildon at the weekend?.

    1. Hi Paul,good to hear from you again-this certainly was an interesting encounter,glad you enjoyed our version of it!
      We aren't going to Shildon because of transport difficulties(and shift patterns etc.) but we will be there in "Spirit"

  2. Pity, I know what you mean though. I work most Saturdays and very rarely get to a show. Stand To is about the only one nearby on a Sunday.

    1. Hi Paul-what is this thing you mention?-work!!!-ah yes ,now I remember-flying down the motorway @ 80mph,dressed in a suit,going to meetings and appointments,hitting targets,paying taxes-but that's all behind me now(apart from the taxes bit!) and now life is sweet-retire as early as you can!!