Monday, 24 October 2016

Romans vs Britons 64AD.

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today(man flu!!) so this blog will be short and sweet-mainly photo's of last night's game.

Brian and Graham were in charge of the Romans whilst Paul and I commanded the British tribes.

It was action all the way,with both sides putting up a brilliant fight!

This was a good game,not without it's lighter moments,for example Brian was testing the morale on one of his cavalry units,and claimed support from another cavalry unit stationed behind him-however it had to be pointed out to him that the cavalry unit behind him was an enemy unit!!!!-the language was choice to say the least!!

Rorkus Driftus?????-the British tribes eventually won the game,but not before both sides lost their commanding officers,causing all kinds of laughter and rude banter!!

7YW 40mm Austrian Heavy Cavalry.finished,flocked and based-what next???
Roll on next Sunday-don't know what we'll be playing,but could just be a 7YW 40mm game!
By the way,it's two months to Christmas Eve today!!!


  1. John,
    Its a shame about your man flu, have you had your jab. Its free for pensioners.
    By the way John, what size shoes do you wear, if they are nines then I am your man.

    1. Robbie-I'm not looking for a man-are you on medication???
      I've had the flu jab though.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon....and thanks for the Christmas reminder :-(

  3. Hi Springinsfeld-a couple of more days will probably see me alright(I hope!!)
    Thanks for concern,and my Christmas list is already in the hands of Santa's little helper,aka "The Wife"