Monday, 13 March 2017

American Civil War.

What a game we had last night!!-it was Dave's turn to stage a game using the "generic terrain",and he pulled all the stops out by pitting Union against Confederates,in an enthralling game,using his rarely seen A.C.W. armies (I think that this will change after tonight's game though!!)

Top photo is the scenario,and bottom is the table before any movement.Brian and Graham commanded the Union troops,whilst Paul and I were the "Rebs"

While both armies were manoeuvering into position,the skirmishers were doing their work in the woods on either flank.

With both sides almost in position,the guns opened up and the hot and bloody battle began!

Brian has launched a most ferocious attack on my troops in the town-his artillery doing the most frightful damage to my men!!-meanwhile in the background,Paul and Graham are doing their best to beat the hell out of each other!!-but Paul has a cunning plan up his sleeve!!!!

Paul's cunning plan was to counter-attack with a whole brigade,against Graham's battery and front line troops-hurrah!!!-this worked a treat and dis-comforted Graham's plans-another hurrah!!(or should that be Yee-hah?)

Graham's out-flanking force is making its presence felt against Paul's troops on Hector hill,this side of the battle was particularly bloody,with casualties mounting up on both sides-great stuff!

The top photo shows Paul's attackers being successful,then un-successful!!-wonderful wargaming-on the right,my troops in the town are being subjected to another attack by Brian's Union brigades-the whole table was ablaze with action!

On my right,I am pulling my brigade back towards the fence line,but in the town itself Brian is putting me under alot of pressure,by feeding in further troops,however I have a reserve brigade,who may just save the day!!

This photo is taken from the Union side,showing Graham's forces forcing Paul onto the back foot,and making his hold on Hector hill untenable!-this flank was lost-woe is us!!

This shows the state of play at the end of move number 14!-I still have possession of the town,and Brian's troops are now suffering,so we called the game a draw-and a fair result it was too!!-everyone of us enjoyed the game,so well done to Dave for setting the game up,and well done to us for playing it so well!!
Roll on next Sunday,when it will be my turn to stage the game-an English Civil War scenario!


  1. John,
    That looked like a great game.

    1. Cheeers Robbie-I know that you're really into ACW at the moment,and it was a great game,all thanks to Dave-lots more to come!

  2. Lovely looking game. ACW games always seem very photogenic and colourful. Well done.

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,i know a lot of Wargamers say that ACW isn't colourful(blue and grey) but we really like the period and it certainly doesn't lack colour!
      thanks for the comment,