Friday, 24 March 2017

Get your "Yurts" out!

I have turned my attention to the Mongol Yurts(Gers!) I bought off Irregular Miniatures a few weeks ago,having all but finished the Warrior Miniatures Mongol army I have so far.

From the Osprey book "Mongol Warriors",this is how it should be done!!!

These are the tools and pieces I needed to make the Yurts.I measured the diameter of the Yurts as supplied,and cut the correct hardboard using the cutter shown-anyone would think I knew what I was doing!!!!

An ingenious way of making sure the doorway remained upright-a combination of No More Nails,super glue and a file!

I decided that I would do all three together,and it was a good decision,as I learned as I went along-construction was not going to be easy!!
It was at this stage in the construction that "THE WIFE" pointed out the page I was using(from The Star) maybe wasn't quite appropriate!-let's see what she meant.................

Hmmm,nice pair of "Yurts",however, on with the Construction!!!!

Getting the walls just right was a bit of a "bugger",but using my well tried and tested method of brute force and bloody ignorance I eventually managed,but those gaps will have to be filled.
(note that the nice young lady showing her "Yurts" has been covered up!!)

Walls done,and roof placed in position,just to see what they are going to look like-gaps still need filling.

Top photo shows "rough" filling applied(No More Nails!) this was smoothed off and the first coat of under-coat applied-in the bottom photo!

After two coats of under-coat,they were ready to paint-at this stage the roofs are still separate.

To add a bit of colour,I have painted the roof vents-probably not historically correct,but I felt they needed it!!

Now who would live in a house like this???.............................

Irregular Miniatures Naccara Drummers,Mongol Generals and Standard Bearers,that's who!!

I am awaiting a couple of samples of armoured horses from Warrior Miniatures,and I will then order the final(?) 50 heavy cavalry to complete the Mongol Army.

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