Monday, 20 March 2017

Battle of "Hoarey Bottom" 1644.

Last night it was my turn to stage a game using the "generic terrain"-I opted for an English Civil war game,using my newly based figures.............................

Top photo is scenario,bottom is the table before any movement-Brian and Paul were Royalists,Dave and I were parliamentarians(Graham was supposed to be helping Dave,but had to cancel due to work!!!)

Paul begins the attack,moving cavalry and infantry against Dave's troops-looking good so far(this was to change!!)

Meanwhile,Brian's "Royalist Ramblers" begin a most complicated and time consuming manoeuver,avoiding the village like the Plague!!!-his face is a study of concentration-is he trying to press a button to make his gun fire??

BOOM!! all of a sudden it's all happening on Paul and Dave's flank! Fortunately for Dave,Paul's dice throwing let him down and this attack failed and his leading brigade took to their heels and ran away-hurrah!!-but what is happening behind the woods?

A cavalry encounter is happening!!-because of the restricted space,Paul couldn't advance with all of his cavalry,but was putting up a good show nevertheless,but what of the "Ramblers" I hear you ask..............................

Well, not wanting to get hurt,they were tramping across the English countryside,admiring the flora and fauna,and avoiding the village like the plague(again!)-I have the most horrible feeling that when they do(eventually) attack,I'm not going to like it!!!!!

The Ramblers are almost in position to attack!!-on the other flank,Paul's second attack on the barricade has failed and his cavalry is also taking a bit of a beating,so it looks as if it's down to Brian to save the day for the Royalists.

Here it comes!!-a two-pronged attack on the village,whilst Brian's cavalry pins me down behind the village-this is looking serious!!

I should know better,but I put my commander into the "fray"(to bolster their fighting ability) and got him killed!!-this totally dis-heartened my defending infantry,who abandoned the village,and headed home!!!-woe is me!-Brian then un-leashed his cavalry against my hapless troops behind the village and wiped them out-double woe is me!!!

This shows Dave's hill,well under control,but with the Royalists in charge of the village,an "impasse" had been reached,and a draw was declared!
Well done lads,another good and exciting game under our belts-what next?
Roll on next week!
Dave has some photo's of his Wellington in Indian troops published on Wargames Illustrated,along with an article mentioning our small group-have a look!


  1. Another great looking game. I'll check out WI. I'm too tight to buy it, so generally scan through it in the newsagent.

    1. Hi Mike,don't blame you not buying the mag.normally there is very little in it for me-can't understand this "themed" thing they have every month!!-our club is also mentioned in WI,along with the photo's from Carronade last year.

  2. Great looking battle! Where did you get those thatched roof buildings? Very nice, I'd like to get my hands on some. I've been looking for the old Airfix thatched cottage, and they are near collector items from the prices asked.

    1. Hi Doug,thanks for comment-the thatched cottages were bought about a million years ago in Gateshead market for £1.65 each!! and are ceramic,so great care has to be used when playing around them,I wouldn't think you'd be able to get any now-have you tried the Charity Shops for buildings?

    2. FWIW, the Airfix cottage is still in production as far as I know made by Dapol.

    3. Hi Springinsfeld,good info-thanks