Thursday, 16 March 2017

Mongol Army-Photo-shoot!

Having just started the last 2 units I have left to paint,I thought it would be a good opportunity to "display" my army so far.
For inspiration I am using two Osprey books,and a BBC2 documentary from 2005,plus this image from the good old internet.........................................

Who wouldn't be inspired??

The two Osprey books,plus the DVD,from a Czech company,cleverly called "Czech Out",all of these sources have added greatly to my knowledge,but just scratch the surface of this fascinating period in history,and spurs me on to read and learn more.

Two shots of the cavalry so far,the two units I have on the painting table,are both Horse Archers,and once finished I will be ordering from Warrior Miniatures,50 heavy cavalry,which will be supplied,by arrangement,with armoured horses-can't wait!!

Throw in a few auxiliaries,Korean and Chinese,and the army is taking shape,although I may need a further influx of infantry-the  pension is taking a right old "bashing"-but I suppose I will just have to buy cheaper Caviar and Champagne for  a couple of weeks!!!

One final shot,showing the army so far,and thinking even further ahead,I will have to paint a Russian/Polish/Hungarian type army to put against them!!!!-will it ever end?


  1. What a horde.... most impressive. I can't wait to see them in action.

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,thanks for comment,I will be sending for another 50 Heavy Cavalry this week,to complete the "horde",then I can rest my paint brushes for a while,until I can summon up the energy(and money) to paint some "opposition"