Monday, 27 March 2017

Venta Icenorum 61AD

A depleted "crew" of three played this exciting and fascinating game last night-I took command of the Britons,whilst Graham and Brian took joint command of the Romans.

Top photo is scenario,bottom one is the table layout before any movement.

Part of my Iceni infantry and cavalry,plus chariots,surge forward in an attempt to stop Graham's cohorts from crossing the stream-the other part of the Iceni,I kept back as a reserve.

In this shot,I have sent the whole of the Trinovantes against Brian's auxiliaries,hoping to "swamp" him with numbers!-Graham,very graciously,is in the process of sending him reinforcements,in the form of 5 cohorts!!

Contact is made,and Brian's troops are fighting for their lives-in the background you can see the 5 cohorts being sent to his aid-this diverted 3 of my warbands,but I was still confident that I could beat the auxiliaries-hurrah!!

Meanwhile, on the other flank,I have stemmed the Roman flow!! but have had to commit my reserves to attack the Roman cohorts sent to support Brian-this is great stuff!-the cavalry battle in the foreground swayed to and fro,neither of us gaining a real advantage.

I have out-flanked the 5 cohort support units,and am just about to start my attack on them-come on the Brits!!!

Oh dear! the Trinovantes are being beaten by Brian's tenacious auxiliaries,and driven backwards-this wasn't expected!

Graham is doing a similar job on my Iceni!!-woe is me!!

Now the cavalry are being beaten,and forced back,is this the end???

A resounding YES!!-both the Trinovantes(top photo) and the Iceni(bottom photo) are fleeing for their lives,and this great game is over,leaving the Romans to build roads,schools,sewer systems,temples etc.etc.
This was an enjoyable game,so roll on next Sunday-could be Vikings or "El Cid" or anything really!!


  1. John,
    You mention the Romans going on to build roads and sewers after their victory. Clearly Westerhope wasnt part of their empire. Just an observation.

    1. Robbie,I heard that the Romans built a wall around that place you live in-what's it called again???
      Anyway,Westerhope has now gone modern,we've got electric lights and lines down the middle of the road now!!

  2. Some cracking old Minifigs on the table..... have you had those a long time?

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,yes,I think I bought them around the time of the actual battle-61AD-or so it seems!!!
      These figures must be about 30-35 years old(I wish I was!!!)but they still have that nostalgic allure to them.