Monday, 6 March 2017

Graham's Napoleonic Game.

Last night it was Graham's turn to put a game on for us using the "generic terrain",and what a grand game we had!
The scenario was based around a coalition army of Brunswick,Dutch and Austrians chasing a tattered and battered French army,after Waterloo-Brian and Paul were the French commanders and Graham and I were the coalition commanders.

This is the table looking from the French position,Paul was on the left,and Brian was on the right.

The allied advance begins-this was always going to be a bloody affair!!!

My Austrian artillery opens up on the village,whilst in the background Graham's Black Brunswickers are taking up their positions.

A general view of the table,showing the French guns opening up on Graham's troops,and the allied advance progressing nicely!

Now it's all happening!!-cheer up Graham,the game has all the ingredients of a cracking Napoleonic battle.

My guns have ceased firing to allow my Austrian infantry to attack the village,and Paul's battery-spectacular and stirring stuff!!

Brian's good use of combined arms(plus some excellent dice throws!) is holding Graham at the stream,and preventing any further advance on that flank!!

My attack on Paul's troops has been successful,and even with a cavalry threat forcing me into square,The flank has been won-hurrah!!
As the French had won one flank,and the Allies the other,we decided that a draw would be the fairest result,and so it was!!
Well done to Graham(and the rest of us of course!),roll on next Sunday,when it will be Dave's turn to put on a game-hopefully American Civil War(??)

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