Monday, 3 July 2017

Battle of Stone Henge 62AD

Last night Graham,Paul,Brian and I had a magnificent game pitting two Roman Legions against four British Tribes,in a battle to dominate the ancient Druidic shrine of Stone Henge.

Top photo is the scenario,and bottom photo shows some interesting(?) stats. on the game-I obviously have too much time on my hands!!

Looking from the Roman position,this is the table before any movement.Paul commanded the right hand(red) legion and Brian the blue,whilst Graham commanded the right hand tribes,and me the left.

A fearsome sight!!-as the game progressed,it became apparent that the Romans were not going to be drawn too far from their hill position,so it was left to Graham and I to do the attacking!!

These are our troops-not many of them to take on two legions!-ha!!! we'll see.

What a beautiful model-correct in every detail,down to the giant white rabbit watching the Coratani go rushing by!!!!

Graham's Coratani were first to make contact(as expected) and with a combination of chariots,cavalry and warbands,managed to "mince" Paul's first line of cohorts!

As Paul urges Brian to attack,my tribes are moving forward,putting the whole Roman force under pressure-as you can see from Brian's expression,he has just thrown a "lousy" dice,and is preparing to be beaten!!-but this was not to be,and he held his own(steady!!) in most of the ensuing melees!

The fight between Graham's tribes and Paul's legion was nothing short of "Heroic"-Paul lost most of his front line Centurions,but fought on like a typical Roman!!

Brian and Graham look exhausted,and in need of a sit-down!!meanwhile my tribes are putting in a wonderful attack,and Paul is fighting back Graham's troops by sending in his second line of cohorts-grand stuff!!

In this shot,Brian is pushing my first line of warbands back!! but my second line is just waiting their opportunity!!On the other flank.......................

Paul's second line is in danger of being over-run!!-things are not looking good for the Romans-if Graham can beat this legion,the flank of Brian's legion is in danger of being out-flanked!!

In his enthusiasm and lust for blood,Brian has broken the golden rule of Roman fighting-he has broken his lines,and allowed me to attack him in the flank-come on you Brits!!!!-on the far flank,Paul has admitted defeat,and basically this is the end of the game-hurrah!!

One final shot showing the table as it was at the end of this great game-well done to us all!
I must tell you of a farcical situation now,that happened before the game!-I had,somehow,run my car battery flat(lights left on?) so the lads said they would give me a jump start-first to volunteer  was Graham,who drives a Hybrid-type car,but he couldn't find his battery when he opened the bonnet!!!-next,Paul volunteered,he drives an Audii(OOOH!) but when he opened his bonnet,he couldn't find his battery either!!-this was getting silly,however my hero,Brian,who drives an "ordinary" car came to the rescue by lifting his bonnet showing a "normal" battery,and all turned out well!!!!!-technology??-you can keep it!!-thanks anyway lads-much appreciated.


  1. Good pics - fun report. Interesting idea for a scenario - we'll all be scouring out the cupboards for old holiday souvenirs - battle of Blackpool Tower coming up? Excellent anyway - obvious that it was cheaper to get into Stonehenge in 62AD - the place was built as a venue for rock festivals of course, don't believe what they tell you.

    Good fun - cheered up my morning!

  2. Hi MSFOY,glad you enjoyed the blog-the Romans got as near to the "Henge" as most visitors get-about half a mile!!-was it really built for rock concerts????-I was told it was a launch pad for alien space ships-who knows?