Friday, 24 March 2017

Get your "Yurts" out!

I have turned my attention to the Mongol Yurts(Gers!) I bought off Irregular Miniatures a few weeks ago,having all but finished the Warrior Miniatures Mongol army I have so far.

From the Osprey book "Mongol Warriors",this is how it should be done!!!

These are the tools and pieces I needed to make the Yurts.I measured the diameter of the Yurts as supplied,and cut the correct hardboard using the cutter shown-anyone would think I knew what I was doing!!!!

An ingenious way of making sure the doorway remained upright-a combination of No More Nails,super glue and a file!

I decided that I would do all three together,and it was a good decision,as I learned as I went along-construction was not going to be easy!!
It was at this stage in the construction that "THE WIFE" pointed out the page I was using(from The Star) maybe wasn't quite appropriate!-let's see what she meant.................

Hmmm,nice pair of "Yurts",however, on with the Construction!!!!

Getting the walls just right was a bit of a "bugger",but using my well tried and tested method of brute force and bloody ignorance I eventually managed,but those gaps will have to be filled.
(note that the nice young lady showing her "Yurts" has been covered up!!)

Walls done,and roof placed in position,just to see what they are going to look like-gaps still need filling.

Top photo shows "rough" filling applied(No More Nails!) this was smoothed off and the first coat of under-coat applied-in the bottom photo!

After two coats of under-coat,they were ready to paint-at this stage the roofs are still separate.

To add a bit of colour,I have painted the roof vents-probably not historically correct,but I felt they needed it!!

Now who would live in a house like this???.............................

Irregular Miniatures Naccara Drummers,Mongol Generals and Standard Bearers,that's who!!

I am awaiting a couple of samples of armoured horses from Warrior Miniatures,and I will then order the final(?) 50 heavy cavalry to complete the Mongol Army.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Battle of "Hoarey Bottom" 1644.

Last night it was my turn to stage a game using the "generic terrain"-I opted for an English Civil war game,using my newly based figures.............................

Top photo is scenario,bottom is the table before any movement-Brian and Paul were Royalists,Dave and I were parliamentarians(Graham was supposed to be helping Dave,but had to cancel due to work!!!)

Paul begins the attack,moving cavalry and infantry against Dave's troops-looking good so far(this was to change!!)

Meanwhile,Brian's "Royalist Ramblers" begin a most complicated and time consuming manoeuver,avoiding the village like the Plague!!!-his face is a study of concentration-is he trying to press a button to make his gun fire??

BOOM!! all of a sudden it's all happening on Paul and Dave's flank! Fortunately for Dave,Paul's dice throwing let him down and this attack failed and his leading brigade took to their heels and ran away-hurrah!!-but what is happening behind the woods?

A cavalry encounter is happening!!-because of the restricted space,Paul couldn't advance with all of his cavalry,but was putting up a good show nevertheless,but what of the "Ramblers" I hear you ask..............................

Well, not wanting to get hurt,they were tramping across the English countryside,admiring the flora and fauna,and avoiding the village like the plague(again!)-I have the most horrible feeling that when they do(eventually) attack,I'm not going to like it!!!!!

The Ramblers are almost in position to attack!!-on the other flank,Paul's second attack on the barricade has failed and his cavalry is also taking a bit of a beating,so it looks as if it's down to Brian to save the day for the Royalists.

Here it comes!!-a two-pronged attack on the village,whilst Brian's cavalry pins me down behind the village-this is looking serious!!

I should know better,but I put my commander into the "fray"(to bolster their fighting ability) and got him killed!!-this totally dis-heartened my defending infantry,who abandoned the village,and headed home!!!-woe is me!-Brian then un-leashed his cavalry against my hapless troops behind the village and wiped them out-double woe is me!!!

This shows Dave's hill,well under control,but with the Royalists in charge of the village,an "impasse" had been reached,and a draw was declared!
Well done lads,another good and exciting game under our belts-what next?
Roll on next week!
Dave has some photo's of his Wellington in Indian troops published on Wargames Illustrated,along with an article mentioning our small group-have a look!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Mongol Army-Photo-shoot!

Having just started the last 2 units I have left to paint,I thought it would be a good opportunity to "display" my army so far.
For inspiration I am using two Osprey books,and a BBC2 documentary from 2005,plus this image from the good old internet.........................................

Who wouldn't be inspired??

The two Osprey books,plus the DVD,from a Czech company,cleverly called "Czech Out",all of these sources have added greatly to my knowledge,but just scratch the surface of this fascinating period in history,and spurs me on to read and learn more.

Two shots of the cavalry so far,the two units I have on the painting table,are both Horse Archers,and once finished I will be ordering from Warrior Miniatures,50 heavy cavalry,which will be supplied,by arrangement,with armoured horses-can't wait!!

Throw in a few auxiliaries,Korean and Chinese,and the army is taking shape,although I may need a further influx of infantry-the  pension is taking a right old "bashing"-but I suppose I will just have to buy cheaper Caviar and Champagne for  a couple of weeks!!!

One final shot,showing the army so far,and thinking even further ahead,I will have to paint a Russian/Polish/Hungarian type army to put against them!!!!-will it ever end?

Monday, 13 March 2017

American Civil War.

What a game we had last night!!-it was Dave's turn to stage a game using the "generic terrain",and he pulled all the stops out by pitting Union against Confederates,in an enthralling game,using his rarely seen A.C.W. armies (I think that this will change after tonight's game though!!)

Top photo is the scenario,and bottom is the table before any movement.Brian and Graham commanded the Union troops,whilst Paul and I were the "Rebs"

While both armies were manoeuvering into position,the skirmishers were doing their work in the woods on either flank.

With both sides almost in position,the guns opened up and the hot and bloody battle began!

Brian has launched a most ferocious attack on my troops in the town-his artillery doing the most frightful damage to my men!!-meanwhile in the background,Paul and Graham are doing their best to beat the hell out of each other!!-but Paul has a cunning plan up his sleeve!!!!

Paul's cunning plan was to counter-attack with a whole brigade,against Graham's battery and front line troops-hurrah!!!-this worked a treat and dis-comforted Graham's plans-another hurrah!!(or should that be Yee-hah?)

Graham's out-flanking force is making its presence felt against Paul's troops on Hector hill,this side of the battle was particularly bloody,with casualties mounting up on both sides-great stuff!

The top photo shows Paul's attackers being successful,then un-successful!!-wonderful wargaming-on the right,my troops in the town are being subjected to another attack by Brian's Union brigades-the whole table was ablaze with action!

On my right,I am pulling my brigade back towards the fence line,but in the town itself Brian is putting me under alot of pressure,by feeding in further troops,however I have a reserve brigade,who may just save the day!!

This photo is taken from the Union side,showing Graham's forces forcing Paul onto the back foot,and making his hold on Hector hill untenable!-this flank was lost-woe is us!!

This shows the state of play at the end of move number 14!-I still have possession of the town,and Brian's troops are now suffering,so we called the game a draw-and a fair result it was too!!-everyone of us enjoyed the game,so well done to Dave for setting the game up,and well done to us for playing it so well!!
Roll on next Sunday,when it will be my turn to stage the game-an English Civil War scenario!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Graham's Napoleonic Game.

Last night it was Graham's turn to put a game on for us using the "generic terrain",and what a grand game we had!
The scenario was based around a coalition army of Brunswick,Dutch and Austrians chasing a tattered and battered French army,after Waterloo-Brian and Paul were the French commanders and Graham and I were the coalition commanders.

This is the table looking from the French position,Paul was on the left,and Brian was on the right.

The allied advance begins-this was always going to be a bloody affair!!!

My Austrian artillery opens up on the village,whilst in the background Graham's Black Brunswickers are taking up their positions.

A general view of the table,showing the French guns opening up on Graham's troops,and the allied advance progressing nicely!

Now it's all happening!!-cheer up Graham,the game has all the ingredients of a cracking Napoleonic battle.

My guns have ceased firing to allow my Austrian infantry to attack the village,and Paul's battery-spectacular and stirring stuff!!

Brian's good use of combined arms(plus some excellent dice throws!) is holding Graham at the stream,and preventing any further advance on that flank!!

My attack on Paul's troops has been successful,and even with a cavalry threat forcing me into square,The flank has been won-hurrah!!
As the French had won one flank,and the Allies the other,we decided that a draw would be the fairest result,and so it was!!
Well done to Graham(and the rest of us of course!),roll on next Sunday,when it will be Dave's turn to put on a game-hopefully American Civil War(??)