Monday, 19 February 2018

2nd Dacian War 105AD.

We had a "corker" of a game last night,pitting Germans and Dacians against the might of Rome. Dave was feeling a bit under the weather,so it was left to Paul,Graham,Brian and I to play this interesting and tight game!

Top photo is the scenario,and bottom is the table before any movement.
I commanded the Dacians,Brian the Germans,whilst Paul was Trajan,and Graham was Hadrian.

We're off!!-top photo shows my front line Dacaians smashing into Paul's pathetic little auxiliaries(who just happened to give them a good old thrashing!!!)-Paul's dynamic dice throwing should carry a government health warning(to Dacians anyway!!) and he won every melee and killed all of my officers in the process!!!
The bottom photo shows my Sarmatian heavy cavalry against some Roman heavy cavalry-they too got beaten up-this is not going according to plan(so far!)

Meanwhile,on Brian's flank,his "tardy" Germans are advancing(slowly) and ,initially, is being given a bit of a bloody nose by Graham's auxiliaries-oh dear!

At last! Brian's Germans have stopped looking at the flora and fauna and counting the trees,and are attacking the Romans-hurrah!!(is that a smirk on Graham's face ,or wind??)

Back to my flank-I am putting in one hell of an attack,and Paul is looking worried-why??-he's got his secret weapon,aka bloody dice!!!-eleven,yes eleven,officers "bit the dust" in the ensuing melees and my troops were sent reeling back to their lines(I'm going to burn his dice,that's what I'm going to do!!)

HOWEVER-my cavalry are beating his,and driving them back-hurrah!!!-but a cohort of infantry are making their way behind the rocks,just waiting to ambush me-not so hurrah!!!
In the background,the tussle for the hill continues,but my leaderless rabble is no match for the cohorts(and dice!) and is in real trouble.

Brian's Germans have eventually made contact with the Roman cohorts of Hadrian's legion-but they didn't like it!!! Paul then sent a cohort to help Graham out,and this swung the balance to the Romans-woe is us!!

The state of play,about move number 8-I am beaten in the background,and Graham is putting Brian under all kinds of pressure in the foreground!

One final shot,showing my troops forming a defensive line in front of the town,and the "Chuckle Brothers" having a rest!!
This was a great game,well played,and enjoyed by us all,roll on next Sunday,maybe an English Civil War game,but who knows???

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