Monday, 5 February 2018

Battle of "Trou-Merde" 1750.

Because the rest of the "boys" were recovering from their trip to Vapnartak,it fell to Brian and I to fight this "cracking" game last night.

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is the table before any movement.We threw dice to determine who commanded what,and Brian turned out to be the French commander and I was the British commander.
My plan was simple-Rangers to hold on my left(artillery hill) whilst Rangers on my right were to attack the French artillery and Indian camp,and the British infantry would advance on the French line whilst protecting their flanks!-Brian's plan was similar.All reinforcements were to arrive on the table on move number 4.

The action on my right flank got off to a "brisk" start-after an initial volley,both sides got stuck in with hatchet and musket butts!!-my attempt to take out the French artillery was thwarted by cannister shot-oh dear,how sad,never mind!!

On the other flank,despite a good volley,which killed his warband leader,Brian has made contact with the flanking British regiment-this could be difficult??!!

The rest of my left flank Rangers are keeping the attacking Indians at bay-this was to prove fatal to the attack,but not before Brian's dice throwing had me worried!!

As the flanks are being hotly contested,"tumbleweed" is blowing across the central position,although with the French gun not being threatened anymore,it began to inflict casualties on my flanking regiment,who,eventually had to retire(it's good being retired!)

On my left,my gun has re-aligned,and is giving the attacking Indians a good old battering,forcing them to retire(it's good.......)-Once the flank was secure,the line could advance on the French line-hurrah!!

"So it came to pass!!" the whole line is ablaze with musket fire,neither side gaining an advantage in the early exchanges,but Brian's gun is still causing casualties!!

My reinforcements have arrived and I am moving them onto Brian's right flank,where one of his regiments has been forced to give ground-on my other flank,things are not going well!!!

My Rangers have been forced back into the woods-even the bear is retiring!! however this didn't effect the overall result,but that bloody gun is still firing!!!

In the centre,my reinforcements are making an impact,and Brian's decision to march his reinforcements over to his right has meant that they were out of the action for the most part of the game-with the right flank ,and centre, in British control it was almost game over.

One final shot,showing the British in control of the centre and about to assault the Fort-however,Brian's reinforcements would probably have given them a hard time!!
A good game,involving good tactics,banter,colour and quite a bit of "nail biting!"
Roll on next Sunday,hopefully a full turn out,and probably a Marlburian game.


  1. Another fine game and its nice to see Brian being so enthusiastic. Been at the beer again. Sorry you didnt attend York although I did bump into the rest of the Westerhope posse as they were being escorted from the building by security.

    1. Robbie,seems like I missed a good show,never mind there's always next year!
      How did you do on the B&B?

  2. Splendid game...I like the general's servant with the drinks tray.

    1. HI Mike,it's a good little vignette,don't know who's figures though!
      Game was as good as it looked-i like head to head games sometimes,cheers,