Monday, 12 February 2018

Battle of the Woods 1708.

Last night we fought a most enjoyable and tense game,full of colour,tactical expertise(??) and movement.

This is the simple scenario,movement was restricted in the woods,to a normal move followed by a full move to re-dress lines etc.-this proved to be a real challenge for both sides.

Graham's Irish were the first to "expose" themselves(!!) and attacked Brian's Austrians,at the same time,Graham, has moved his Bavarians in an out-flanking move,putting Brian in all kinds of trouble(but he was up to it!!)

This shows Graham's attack-Brian was quietly confident because all of his Austrians had very good morale/fighting points.

On the other side of the table,Dave's cavalry are advancing against Paul's position,and his infantry have "burst forth" from the woods-looks like this could develop into a good game(?!)

Paul's Spanish are standing still on top of the hill,his gun is doing a bit of damage,and his cavalry are poised for a charge, but Dave is advancing very cautiously and slowly.

At last a cavalry clash!!-the tumbleweed was causing a bit of bother until now!!!-still no infantry action though.

Hurrah!! at last the infantry have made contact-but with the Bavarians not the Spanish!!
Meanwhile,on the other flank...........................

Brian and Graham are going at it "hammer and tongs"-both sides are taking heavy casualties,and morale is now coming in to play!!-in the background things  seem to have stopped!!!

"Just drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweed"-the next move will surely bring some action though????..................


The attack on the town is reaching a crucial stage-the Irish are "wavering",and to stabilise the situation Graham put his Colonel in the front line(you know what's coming don't you?) and promptly got him shot!!!-the whole of the Irish brigade decided that Dublin is quite nice this time of year!!!!!!!!!

Relief is showing on Brian's face(or is it wind?) as the Irish take off back to the woods.
Graham now shifted his attention to the town,by taking a couple of infantry regiments from the centre,leaving Paul feeling "vulnerable" -can Dave capitalise on the situation??

Yes!!,brushing the cobwebs off his troops,he has mounted an all-out attack on Paul's position-to be fair to Paul,he held his own(no jokes please!) but it was just a matter of time before he would have to give in! However the town was still in Brian's hands,so a clear cut result was not forthcoming!!

One final shot,and the're still smiling.This was a good game and well fought by all,roll on next Sunday,probably an Ancient battle.


  1. Robbie,cheers,I'm trying(not very successfully!) to encourage the rest of the "boys" to come up with scenarios,'cos I'm running out of ideas-but I do like the Marlburian period,thanks for your comment.