Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Preview for the game to be played 25th Feb 2018.

On my last blog I "hinted" that we might play an English Civil War game on Sunday,but I have changed my mind(so what's new?) and decided on a Colonial game based in the Sudan.
I have taken a few photographs and here they are......................

This is the simple scenario,we will pick sides on the night,and like all Colonial games it should be pretty exciting stuff!

This is the table as the "boys" will see it on Sunday night-the Egyptian troops will have limited ammunition!!

The Egyptian position,Fort and wall to defend-both flanks fairly open,and the Dervish hordes have cavalry on both flanks!!!!-might just be a tricky situation.

This is the view from behind the Haddendowah position looking towards the British column.

The British column,consisting of Camel-mounted troops,Lancers,artillery and infantry,all armed with the latest modern weapons-what could possibly go wrong????

Another view of the Egyptians-I'm sure the British commander will sacrifice his troops to go to their assistance(?)

The Dervish troops waiting patiently for their turn to attack-and they will!!!
Roll on Sunday.


  1. I know a Poem about the Sudan.
    "The Desert Sand was Sodden Red"
    You will just have to wait till Sunday to here the rest!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Brian, have you recited the poem before?-I seem to remember it!!-If you're not careful I'll put you in charge of the Egyptians!