Friday, 23 February 2018

Painting update.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that for our game at Carronade in May,we needed more Moorish Black Guard,to make a bigger impact,so I ordered some figures from Warrior Miniatures of Glasgow.They duly arrived in double quick time,and I set about painting them in double quick time!!-As they were all going to be black,painting was very simple(even by my standards!) and very fast-it has taken me two weeks to paint all of them,plus some very nice casualties and stretcher bearers from Irregular Miniatures,which Paul got me at Vapnartak.

This is the lot!-64 infantry,8 cavalry,8 archers and some casualties,fully finished and awaiting their bases(from Pendraken) being flocked.As usual the standards are from foil from wine bottles!

Shield detail,showing my take on a Koranic verse-obviously not authentic,but I try!

The Irregular casualties and stretcher bearers-very well detailed(maybe too well detailed if you look closely!!)

Another 16 archers-because I had miscalculated on my original order!-Ordered on Monday,delivered on Wednesday(!!) and painted on Thursday-it's good being retired!!-but what are they going to be used for???

Figures all flocked and "on parade"

They do look as though they've had a bit of a night!

In line and looking good-I already have two units,so with this lot that will be six units,forming the Moorish front line-should be okay(?)

The cavalry(or half of them!)

Back in the box!-what's next? Wait and see!!!


  1. Excellent...I immediately thought of Herbert Lom in "El Cid".

    1. Cheers Mike-"El Cid",the movie-oh dear! It did have a couple of good points in it however-wink,wink,know what I mean??