Monday, 14 May 2018

Carronade Show Report 2018.

All superlatives have been used on previous year's reports on Carronade,so I can only say that this year's show was,once again,superb in all aspects.
The hospitality shown by the organisers,punters and traders was excellent.
We arrived on the Friday afternoon and set up the game we were playing(Battle of Bairen 1097-El Cid vs Moors) so that we could arrive fresh faced and rested on the Saturday morning-this also gave us time to look around before the punters came in!!
I didn't ask,but there seemed to be more traders this year,selling everything that any wargamer could want,the car-parking was free,and the cafe was doing a roaring trade from the word "go"
I won't bore you with too much text,I will let the photo's do the talking!!......................

Friday afternoon,traders are arriving,and we are "itching" to get our table sorted,so we can get to the pub!!

Table sorted-in double quick time-good organisation and planning!!!

At the pub-Graham joined us this year,but Brian and Michael couldn't make it-a real pity,because we had such a good time-why doesn't anybody offer to take my photo? a selfie will have to do!!!!!!!


The doors have opened and the flood of "gamers" all eager to spend,are milling about-our table attracted alot of old and new friends,all asking about our rules,club,figures etc.-as usual we did more talking than playing,but this year we said we would try and play the game to a conclusion!!

A shot of our game in full swing-but still we are talking to anyone who showed any interest-and that is what it's all about!
There were some fantastic games on show,too many to photograph,but covering every historical period,as well as fantasy and futuristic-marvellous stuff!
There were the usual characters as well,old and young,we even saw Captain America!!!!!!

See,I told you!!-what was missing(thank God) this year,was those lovely chaps often referred to as "the smellies"-perhaps they have found a new hobby(please!!)

It's mid-afternoon,and the hall is thinning out,but we are still playing and drawing some attention-Paul and I were the Moors whilst Dave and Graham were El Cid and Pedro,the Spanish.

The end!! and a resounding victory to the Moors(history turned on its head again!)
We packed up in double quick time and headed back to the Pub!!

Sitting in the sun-shine in our GERANIUM RED shirts,prior to our evening meal and a couple of beers(a couple????) and then it's back to England on Sunday morning.

One last shot as we are leaving the Travlelodge at Bean Cross!
Our sincere thanks to all the guys at Falkirk for such a good event-as "Arnie" says-we'll be back!!!


  1. Great to talk to you on Saturday. Really enjoyed the game,it looked even more of an epic than "El Cid" was!
    (bearded chap in the seventh photo hanging on your every word)

    1. Hi Tradgardmastare,it was good to see you both again-glad you enjoyed the game and show.going back in the car we were even discussing what we will do next year!!!!

  2. Well done, lads. More shots of the game please! Good to see you letting your hair down too ;-)

    1. Chris,what hair?????-we had,as usual, a great time,spent,drank and ate too much of course!!

  3. I never thought Id ever say it but I was very jealous of you and your posse knowing you were up in Falkirk. I have promised to tret myself next year and travel North. You put on a lovely looking game only spoiled by the PINK shirts which to be honest look a little stretched on you.Shame really, but well done for the great looking game.Hope Brian is well.

    1. Robbie,bloody cheek!!-all the shirts have shrunk since last year,must have something to do with the quality!!
      You really must make the effort next year.