Thursday, 26 July 2012

18th century game 25.7.12. vs Dave.

Last night Dave came round for a small Marlburian game;it was basically a French baggage train being stopped by a Spanish army appearing on its left flank.This turned ou to be a good game,which Dave won eventually,after the usual firefights and cavalry melees,which did swing both ways,resulting in morale tests and units "retiring" off the board.Dave put in a "spirited" attack on my centre,and I gave him,initially, a bloody nose on my right flank with a good old cavalry battle.(I commanded the French and baggage train,whilst Dave commanded the Spanish)
The shot above shows my feeble attempt at an outflanking move,by one inf. regiment,which resulted init having to beat a hasty retreat! The photo above shows the firefight on my left flank.

Here is the same photo!! I don't know why...........

The above shot shows my cavalry about to put in a charge against Dave's well placed cavalry.

As you can see the centre of the line was ablaze with musketry!!This is where the most damage was done,and once my right hand regiment gave way,the rest of the line followed.This was a good game,we hope to see more of Dave now that he's on his hollies (2 weeks of sun sea booze and wargaming,but not necessarily in that order!!)

Roll on tonight when I'm playing Paul,it will be an ancients game,Macedonians vs Indians,a full report will follow.

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