Friday, 13 July 2012

Illyrians and Thracians vs Romans 12.07.12.

Last night's game could be described as "short,sharp and bloody!" As you can see from the scenario and map,this was an ambush situation,with a Roman relief column attempting to get to a fort,with an Illyrian force hidden in the hills and woods,and a Thracian "blocking force" stopping any troops issuing from the fort. This shot shows my troops in ambush and on the plain awaiting the Romans, whose relief column you can just see in the background.

This is a view of the fort and bridge from the Roman side of the stream.The fort was made by myself a long,long time ago,and I was going to throw it out the other day,but decided to give it another chance!Just as well I think.

This is Paul's relief column consisting of light inf.Auxilliary inf and heavy cav.-Poor unsuspecting fools!!

Another shot of the column,showing the length of it and the "exposed" flank,which was set upon by light cav.light inf and horse archers,who we classed as good morale,but because I was fighting heavier types all my dice throws were at minus one,Ha, as if that made any difference!!

My Illyrian troops waiting the signal to attack,my plan was to stop the front and rear of the column,and then launch my light inf. at the centre.

Battle is joined! Paul tried to get as many of his troops onto the hill in his rear,however some got caught before they could manage that and suffered badly,however thing didn't all go my way,and a couple of my units were pushed back when the commander (foolishly put into a melee to help out) was killed!!

This shows the fight outside the fort,Paul led out 5 cohorts of inf. and a cohort of archers,to face my 4 units of peltasts and 1 unit of heavy inf.The mellee swung backwards and forwards with gains and losses on both sides,the Romans eventually drove my blocking force back,but by which time their relief force was all but anhialated.

This is the final shot, showing that not many Romans are around the bridge area.

This was ,as usual, a great game with some interesting problems being thrown up for both sides,roll on Sunday.

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