Saturday, 7 July 2012

They shall not pass! ancient game 5.7.2012..

Paul and I played our "usual" ancient game on thursday,and I had thought up a scenario which was Hannibal trying to get through an Alpine pass with his baggage train,being attacked by local tribes.Paul had an army consisting of cavalry,Spanish inf. African Inf,friendly Celts and of course the Elephant contingent!
My army was mostly Infantry warbands with a little help from some Cavalry.I started the game in position guarding a pass with wooded terrain all around,Paul started the game with his troops in column either side of the baggage train.
from the very start I intended to outflank Paul on his right/rear with my cavalry and just charge him with my warbands,very basic but,as it turned out, very effective.
This shot shows Paul's initial moves with his Spanish troops,and my cav.trying to stop his cav. I was surprised that he didn't use his Elephants to try and stop my cav,instead he used them as a sort of battering ram against my warbands,however my light troops saw them off,and they proved ineffectual.
This shows my charge against the celts and Germans,this was hard fought and I was beaten back after a while on this flank.
This is about mid-way through the game with melees going on all over the place!

Paul is attempting to "shepherd" the baggage train away from the fighting in this photo,however since the rest of his army was being beaten on all other fronts,he decided that he couldn't get the baggage through the pass and that the local tribes had,for the time being, won the day.

This is the last shot showing the Carthaginian cavalry being "sorted out" by the Barbarian cav.

Again this was a good tussle with the melees going first one way then the other,roll on Sunday.

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