Friday, 27 July 2012

Ancients game 26.7.12. vs Paul.

Last night's game involved a Macedonian army against an Indian army,Paul was the Macedonian commander and I was the Indian commander.The woods on my far left flank were impassable,whilst on the right flank they were open and would allow any troops to pass through.
The game started with Paul sending his heavy companion cav. forward against my lighter the centre, Paul kept his phalanx stationary,whilst I moved my considerable Elephant force forward.
Below is a general overview of the battle field before the game started. This shot shows the Heavy companion cav, of the Macedonian army, in wedge formation,they crashed into my lighter types,but I held for a while,until after about 4 rounds of melee,Paul was successful.

This photo is of the wife,sitting in her temple,thinking of jobs for me to do!! with cavalry milling about in the background.

This shows the Indian centre,complete with 12 elephants,and another 6 on the right flank,the main line of elephants proved not very useful,and mainly ran about spoiling my formations,however one unit did manage to wreck a phalanx,so not all doom and gloom!!

This is Paul's centre before the game started,his light troops are just going into the woods,up against my lights,I did alot better in the woods than I did on the plain.

THis shot shows the cavalry melee in full swing,we both kept feeding squadrons into the melee until everything was involved,a great sight,but better training and leadership won the day for the Macedonians.

My heavy infantry decide to take on the disrupted phalanx units (the elephants caused the disruption) however they proved to be more than a match for me,and my whole line broke!!

This photo shows the fight in the forest,with my elephants and light troops getting the better of Paul's troops,he called it a tactical withdrawal!!

Paul's phalanx units reforming,with not an Indian unit in sight,in fact the end of the game,which was fought with alot of "gusto",both sides,it has to be said,did well overall,but the Macedonians ruled the centre if not the flanks and were declared the winners.Roll on Sunday.

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