Saturday, 7 July 2012

Stream sections.

My wife doesn't think I use my time constructively,so this little blog will prove to her that I do.
About a thousand years ago I bought some river/stream sections from a company called A and A models,they are out of business now,which is a shame because they produced some good terrain pieces,however these sections were made of plaster,and consequently were brittle.Over the years I have had to repair and repaint quite a few of them,so I decided this week to base them in long sections instead of the 6" sections they are now.
this blog is to tell you how I did it.
I first placed the sections I wanted to have in longer sections and drew around them,the photo below shows this being done.I had to number both the sections and the Hardboard lengths so I didn't get mixed up-as if !! The second photo shows all the hardboard lengths drawn out and numbered,this is the tricky and dangerous part,the dreaded "jig saw" was prised from its case,and after a bit of wrestling with Aln Keys and plastic guards,I eventually got to cut around the shapes on the hardboard-added bonus,I didn't lose any fingers,although I did get "nagged" for getting saw dust on the flowers!!!

This shows the numbering of both the sections and the hardboard,trying not to waste any.

This is all the long sections cut and ready to have the river sections stuck onto them

All finished and looking good,it will also enable me to handle them better,I stuck a few "single" sections to give more flexibility when planning terrain etc.The only thing I've got to do now is paint and flock the edges,which will be done next week.How on earth can the wife say I'm not using my time constructively ?????

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  1. Lovely stuff. Sawdust on the flowers? If that's the least of her worries she should count herself lucky! (Said her daughter :) ).