Saturday, 21 July 2012

Auction of Wargames figs.18.7.12.

On Tuesday I paid my regular visit to our local Auction House,to see if there was anything I might fancy (weapons,medals etc.) Imagine my surprise then at walking into a Wargamers paradise !!
There were literally thousands of plastic kits,toys,trains,books and paints,but best of all Wargames figures!!These were apparently all one man's collection over many years,and unfortunately he had died and his wife asked the Auctioneers to sell them on her behalf.There was alot of media attention (newspapers and T.V.) so I was not very hopeful of getting in a successful bid for lot number 265,which was an enormous amount of ancient figs,some painted but the majority not.
The photo below shows how the lot was presented on the viewing day. I was successful with my bid,against some opposition,of £110 for the lot.
below is the lot at home,consisting of,185 beautifully painted inf. figs.350 unpainted inf figs,53 cavalry figs.6Elephants,4 Ballista,4 pack horses,thousands of shields and weapons and pack upon pack of shield transfers.When I finished sorting the lot out I was "over the moon" with my purchase,and immediately started putting the figures into bags and types.
the shot below shows the "sorting " just getting started.

Another shot of the sorting process,as you can see all of the unpainted figs were in their original packaging,mainly Foundry, AA and Navigator,and were Carthaginian and Macedonian,with a few Romans.

I had to include this photo to show the Beautiful shields that this man has painted,he was obviously highly talented,I couldn't believe that these were all hand painted!

This is my attempt to get the units organised,I have managed to put spears on the units that didn't have them,and put shields on as well,and in fact I have tried in my own way to finish the units which he started but didn 't finish.I will incorporate them into my armies rather than sell them on.

This is another shot of the collection,which I will make into an army later on in the year.

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