Monday, 23 July 2012

The last frontier,Ancients game 22.7.12.

Last night's game could only be described as "cracking",a quite simple scenario saw a frontier fort, manned by Romans, being "assailed" by Gauls and Germans,who had burning waggons with them!
Paul was the Gallic commander (8 warbands,2 cav.units,2 waggons) and Graham was the German commander (7 warbands,1 archer unit and 2 waggons) I was the fort commander and had 10 cohorts,1 unit cav. and 2 catapults.
below is the general overview of the board, with the Barbarians moving towards the stream,once over the stream they had to throw a "random movement dice" for each unit,the Germans threw well, the Gauls did not!!
This is the view from the Gallic and German perspective,it looks quite daunting. This is the view from the Roman perspective,they look safe and cosy behind their wooden walls don't they? It was soon to be hot and uncomfortable !!

This shot shows Graham's Germans attacking their nominated section of the wall with the burning waggon just about to do its dirty work against a section of wall.

This photo shows my ill-timed "sally" from the fort with cavalry and infantry,they unfortunately "bumped into" a mass of Gauls, and had to beat a hasty retreat,being chased right back into the fort,this melee lasted until the end of the game,and was one of the highlights (or low lights if you were Roman!!)

The walls have been burnt down in this shot and the Germans are assaulting in vast numbers,where are the Gauls ??

The Gauls have arrived at last,they took the "scenic " route to the fort obviously!!However with ladders and ,eventually, burning waggons,they made themselves a real threat to my weakened cohorts.

Pressure on the Romans fighting at the gate,Germans sweeping onto my flank,I just might be in a spot of bother here!

The Gauls eventually using their burning waggon,it was held up for a while by the dice deciding that it was too dangerous to approach the walls.

The final piece of the action,Germans capturing my hill and catapults,the fight still continuing at the gate,and a column of Romans "going home" in the foreground!!

This is it, the end.Barbarians victorious,Rome defeated,ah well roll on next week.

As a post script to this blog I thought I would let you see how I am getting on "basing" and finishing off the figures I bought at auction (see previous blog)

Getting there,I had to put shields and spears on both these units.
The photo below shows the majority of the units I am going to incorporate into my armies,on their bases, and flocked.Hopefully I will try and get these figures onto the board as soon as possible.

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  1. Love the bargain figures, Last Frontier set up and I(Dave) has done a great job of the Maharatta matchlockmen :-)